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Forced Euthanasia In Bucks County PA – My Father, John J. Crawley Died By Force In His Own Home.


This series of events happened in June of 2016 – My father died on July 2, 2016 trapped in a hospital with a steel lock arm forcibly confining him.

There  is a practice called targeted euthanasia –


Warning – Are You Being Targeted For Euthanasia? | Catholic …


https://www.catholicparents.org › warning-targeted-euthanasia


By Mary Therese Helmueller, R.N.. In 1984, while working as charge nurse in the intensive care unit, a 20-year-old man asked me, “Can you give my mother …
My goal in writing this post is to warn other citizens and to end this practice of killing PA citizen’s against their will.
In brief-
My father was sitting at the kitchen table after he came home from the hospital for a minor surgical procedure.  He said he was ok but had some pain.  I went to get groceries for him.
When I returned someone had come into his home removed him from his seat at the kitchen table and physically forced him into a hospital bed they had brought with them and put in the living room of his home.
He wanted to get out of the bed.  I got him out of the bed.
My sisters Ayn Crawley and Ruth Crawley had been trying to discredit my father and wanted control of my parents assets.
I came back the next day and my father was back in the bed and drugged so he could no longer speak.  There was a bowl of about 30 needles next to the bed.
Prior to this turn of events My Father had stated a number of times  “They are trying to kill me.”
He was ignored.
One of the workers told me he was screaming when he urinated.
He was under the care of Right at home,  Compassionate Care hospice and my two sisters Ayn and Ruth Crawley.
I contacted Doylestown Adult Protective Services, the woman who answered refused to come and investigate. I called the police and the woman who answered refused to investigate.
Both refused to put down their coffee cups… and come with me to look into my father’s request for help.   He died the next day.
This type of treatment of older citizens must stop and the companies and workers who assist in this denial of constitutional and human rights be held accountable.
Spread the word and warn older citizens.
BJ Halliday Crawley
Citizen journalist

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Chem- Trails – Cause Revealed – The Pale Green Gazette Exclusive

 The Pale Green Gazette

“Everyday News That Matters”


Ever wonder what those white streaks in the sky are? The common term for them is Chem- trails.  According my state representative’s office in Lower Bucks PA, those trails are the exhaust from a Federal drone surveillance program. I went to complain about the clouds and precipitation being produced by military style drones being flown over Bucks County.  I brought photographs and anecdotal information.  The response I received was” It is a federal program.”

The question is why is the federal government flying drones over residential areas in the United States Of America?

What are the effects of using such war technology in the skies?  Pollution? Health problem citizens breathing in the exhaust? Effects on the environment and wildlife below? Effects on weather systems by inserting moisture and wind into the atmosphere ( Fuel for storm and wind events on the ground)

Go to your Senator’s and State Representative’s office and ask, are federal drones being flown over our houses and for what purpose, who are the pilots ? What agency are they working for? Who are the supervisors that decide who will be surveilled? Why aren’t they using warrants with specific reasons as to why and how the drones will be used to spy on US citizens as the constitution demands. ( 4th amendment.)
































Photographs by BJ Halliday Crawley- Bucks County PA




























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So Football Begins- I don’t want to see players hurt for my entertainment… whatever happened to touch football ??

I want to watch Philly Philly kinda football – fun and a minor amount of scuffles… why not?


Touch (sport)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Touch (also known as Touch Football or Touch Rugby) is a variant of rugby league that is organised by the Federation of International Touch (FIT).

Touch is a variation of rugby league with the tackling of opposing players replaced by a touch. As touches must be made with minimal force, touch is therefore a limited-contact sport. The basic rules of touch were established in the 1960s by the South Sydney Junior Rugby League Club.[1]

Distinctive features of touch football include the ease of learning it, minimal equipment requirements and the ability to play it without fear of major injury. While it is generally played with two teams of six on-field players, some social competitions allow different number of players per team on the field. It is played by both sexes, and in age divisions from primary school children to over-50s. The mixed version of the game (where both male and female players are on the field at the same time) is particularly popular with social players, and it is widely played in schools. There are other versions of Touch that informally are organised.


Any way I am so looking forward to the duel between Nick Foles and Patrick Mahomes

and Carson Wentz and Nick Foles!!

The thinking man’s football!!!


Good Luck Andrew Luck!!!

Andrew Luck
refer to caption

Luck with the Colts in 2018
No. 12


Peace, have a sunny day day!!









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Thought Of The Day – Who Created The Sphinx?

Sphinx north side with Pyramid of Khafre - Copyright (c) 1998 - Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved


\ ˈsfiŋ(k)s \

plural sphinxes or sphinges\ ˈsfin-​ˌjēz \

Definition of sphinx

1a capitalized : a winged female monster in Greek mythology having a woman’s head and a lion’s body and noted for killing anyone unable to answer its riddle
b : an enigmatic or mysterious person she is a sphinx whose features hold a blank fascination
2 : an ancient Egyptian image in the form of a recumbent lion having a man’s head, a ram’s head, or a hawk’s head

<!– END



Look for the sphinx in your life! Today!!!


Jean-Léon Gérôme‘s Bonaparte Before the Sphinx, 1867–1868

The Sphinx in profile in 2010












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2 DVD Rec (s) Of The Day -“You lost today, kid…but you don’t have to like it.”

Two films to get you moving and inventing and creating – to do what you came here to do!!!

NFL film- Philly Eagles Superbowl DVD


NFL Super Bowl LII Champions: The Philadelphia Eagles

“I’ve been here at NFL Films for 33 years and worked on a lot of projects, and this film is just really special and really cool,” said Vince Caputo, a South Philly native who did sound mixing for the film. “This is the film that we’ve been waiting to work on.”


Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones –The Last Crusade

Two films with one message –when in doubt??? Do the Philly Special and always-  have FUN!!!!


” It wasn’t pretty- I don’t care about  pretty. Bottom line… you found a way to win, you found a way….”

Doug Pederson (Eagles coach)

” There is no try- do. Or do not. ”   YODA











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Federal drone usage and the 4th Amendment

One of the most relevant rights in the bill of rights is the fourth amendment the right to be left alone now known as the right to privacy


Some commentary on the diminishing 4th amendment right through haystack surveillance especially from the sky by federal drones (what kind of data are they collecting?)





























X   ( in the sky) is the spot where a federal drone has been mass tracking you using mass surveillance




















Edward SnowdenVerified account @Snowden 9 Nov 2015

Court affirmed 4th Amendment protections against NSA’s mass surveillance, defending “the right to be left alone.”

The purpose of the Constitution has been to restrain the government, so that it cannot do to us what the king and his soldiers did to our forbearers; and everyone in the Congress has taken a public oath to uphold the Constitution. Is the warrant requirement an obstacle to law enforcement? Of course it is, and it is a good one, one that is guaranteed by the Constitution, and one that respects the natural right to be left alone. Without the warrant requirement, we will soon become like the old East Germany, where crime was low because the police could break down any door, seize any document, and arrest any person on a whim. Who would want to live in such a society? ‘
Above VIA Fox news
Andrew P. Napolitano, a former judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey, is the senior judicial analyst at Fox News Channel.
Exhaust from the use of federal drones being flown over residential areas in the US is both a health and 4th amendment rights issue-
the drones are loud, they are not solar so they are using an oil based fuel mixed with water vapors–they are being flown close to the ground, in residential areas
infusing the people and ground and wildlife habitate with an immense amount of moisture and wind – which are the 2 elements that fuel storms-
No study has been done as to the health and environmental effects of excessive 24 hour use of low flying large federal drones for surveillance over US populations in residential areas–
I can tell you what I have seen in the last 7 years
Bird flight patterns have changed drastically
insects have been washed away by the continued spritizing of their habitats by water vapors
fungus exists on trees that sit in sun light
mosquitos are rampant
the clouds that the water vapors create as the 24 hour usage of federal drones continues, block the sun so completely that days will go by with cloud cover and no sun -no sunrise no sunset visible only the glow of light behind clouds-
this interrupts the production of vit d in citizens that is vital to a healthy life
Obviously multiple days with no sun causes many other problems but this problem can be easily fixed by the US citizenry demanding transparency  as to the use of federal drone surveillance —
All federal drones should be grounded until a study can be done as to health and environmental and 4th amendment rights concerns can be addressed
All fotos taken in the last 7 years in bucks county Pa, after the end of the IRAQ war.
Citizens have the right to the sun moon and stars no federal agency has the right to block the view of them through the use of a new war time technology (large military drones ) that has not been studied as to the effects US citizens health in  residential areas.









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Trouble Breathing In Bucks County PA? Look To the sky –it is infested with drones since 2011-the year the Iraq war ended !!

Below are fotos  taken in the last 7 years in the skies over Bucks County PA.  Notice the exhaust that foto number two shows with a drone (a federal drone) flying backtrack over it’s own exhaust!

And Guess what we on the ground have been doing ?? Breathing drone exhaust and enduring drone created clouds of exhaust that limit the sunshine we have access to…

If you are concerned look into the sky  take pics and contact congress demanding transparency in the use of federal drones over residential areas in the USA.































































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