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Cardinal Thinks…..

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” Where shall I fly next?!!  ”








Foto by BJHC 2016



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Yellow –Flash Story Challenge

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A yellow canoe passed by

filled with presents wrapped and tied in bows

two polished wood seats reflected  the hot sun

I watched as it drifted into the noon day heat


“Who does that canoe belong to?”

A yellow canoe passed by…..


Touring canoe via wiki

Write a ditty about your life, a slice of life.….




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What Do All Vintage Game Show Hosts Have In Common?

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Stupendously classy suits !

Nice cut, ties, handerchiefs, clips on ties, cuff links- ooooo la la ! My personal fav Monty Hall wow Botany 500 was his designer, Bert Convy he knows how to wear and walk in a suit ……and  Peter Tomarkan- classic threads to name a few. So if you want to upgrade your personal wardrobe check out the vintage game shows and look and learn!!


via wiki!

Men’s suits


Johann Christian Fischer in matching coat, waistcoat, and breeches, by Thomas Gainsborough, ca. 1780.

The suit is a traditional form of men’s formal clothes in the Western world. For some four hundred years, suits of matching coat, trousers, and waistcoat have been in and out of fashion. The modern lounge suit’s derivation is visible in the outline of the brightly coloured, elaborately crafted royal court dress of the 17th century (suit, wig, knee breeches), which was shed because of the French Revolution. This evolution is seen more recently in British tailoring’s use of steam and padding in moulding woolen cloth, the rise and fall in popularity of the necktie, and the gradual disuse of waistcoats and hats in the last fifty years.

The modern lounge suit appeared in the late 19th century, but traces its origins to the simplified, sartorial standard of dress established by the English king Charles II in the 17th century. In 1666, the restored monarch, Charles II, per the example of King Louis XIV‘s court at Versailles, decreed that in the English Court men would wear a long coat, a waistcoat (then called “petticoat“), a cravat (a precursor of the necktie), a wig, and kneebreeches (trousers), and a hat.

1901, a man in a morning coat


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Celebrate Tonight With The Cocktail Du Jour! Pardon My French!!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”

Take Hersheys choc syrup add red wine and milk /soy (whole) then seltzer-all over ice–apportion to taste and top with whipped cream !! Serve with a hersheys choc almond bar or two !

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! better outside around sunset.


Time to sober up? Global alcoholic drink consumption declines

Global alcoholic drinks volumes registered a …

alcoholic drinks


Perhaps everyone is feeling blue, the state of the world and all that – for having a cocktail is always a celebratory act – a nod to the world saying this is a great place !! let’s enjoy it with friends (or solo with a good book or a sunset)- they don’t call it the happy hour for nothing– so cheers to you and your cocktails!!


How to Make a Soursop Martini
A martini is just a martini. Unless it’s made with the delectable Jamaican fruit, soursop. And …

Soursop Martini






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Flash Story Challenge ! Bells In The Forest

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Pam looked to the side of the path she was on in her local forest of choice and noticed a tiny fairy sitting on a rock doing her nails.  At least it appeared to be a fairy.  It had transaparent wings that fluttered every so often. It had a pink jacket on and maroon velvet pants. The shoes it wore were gold and curled up ending with a silver bell that tinkled as it recrossed it’sr legs. Pam stopped walking to get a better look. when ….. 


You finish the story in 200 words or less-

Good Luck!!


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Squirrels ! Mentally Astute!!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

So I was sitting in my garden watching the birds and squirrels gorge on steamy water and b-seed when I noticed that the squirrels picked the best bits of food and hid them here and there before eating .  But the birds ate and ate until they lay flat on their back with little bird feet up in the air saying Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…..

So does this mean that squirrels are of a more complex nature mentally looking ahead to make sure there would be treats in the afternoon stored away??

That is your ponder-ance for tonight!! Squirrel-dom vs bird-dom.






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From La Bamba To Burning Down The House What Happened to Rock ? How Did It Lose It’s Roll?

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Lets talk music, after watching the Richie Valens’ La bamba  music video with Los lobos, I think that is the best music video I have ever seen so much fun and a dash of the metaphysical  what every great Rock and Roll song has as its core, and then the Blues Brothers which is a long music video with the same elements of fun with a spiritual cast – I thought they both are record of a time nad place where music and fun (freedom ) reigned supreme where the point of the music was the music not money not entertainment the point is to dance and sing!

it is a clear pure life experience that unleashes the spirit from the body and you rise up to a place where we all meet in joy.

So what happened ? How did music become so corporatized ? Corporatization of some thing means that the corporation comes between the listener and the music there is no longer a direct interaction and it kills the heart of the experience.

Who or what killed the music? Well here is my theory …..it was the massive success of the Bruce Springsteen tour in 1984 – He went from a sorta spiritual kinda guy with great songs  to a person that wanted and sought out the cash to be made from music on a unprecented level.  When the corporate world saw that there was big moolah to be made it they  then formed a limited market where artists had to fit into that mold or support was not forth coming.


Then the Tunnel of Love tour in my estimation was the first reality TV  show ,another words you went to watch the personal drama unfold not the music.   Just like the so-called reality TV shows where you watch basically people argue and it is presented in a TV format.


But I digress…. So think about it watch The La Bamba video and the first Blues Brothers movie with the fabulous John Belushi and let me know what you think!!!

The dancing is so fantastic in both of them!!!

Watch the discussions on how and why each film (the La Bamba film has the labamba video as a bonus item)   was made, there is where you get a true understanding of what the music meant and still means to the atists and audiences.


A think about it lets ruminate post!!!!!


Los Lobos – La Bamba ( music video ) – [fcef8025d]

Music video for “La Bamba” by Los Lobos. Tags: 1987 80s Los Lobos Rock & Alternative. Biography; Top Tracks; Top Albums; Concerts; Track; Pick and Click one of the …

Blues Brothers – Soul Man (Belushi SNL Clips) | Free Video

Live “Soul Man” video from SNL with Best of Belushi clips


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