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Are Sonic Booms Decimating The Ocean’s Wildlife Populations?

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Are miliary sonic booms killing sea life in the ocean ? Recent beaching of deep water sea life calls into question these pracctices.


They use sound to navigate and to find other creatures in the deep ocean waters … vessels and the U.S. Military. According to Paul Ferris, campaign director for Sum Of Us, these companies have been “ceaselessly firing sonic booms to map the seafloor.

Examiner · 3/2/2015
This is what a sonic boom does on land-
OCEAN CITY — A loud boom on Monday, followed by windows rattling and homes and businesses shaking, was due to a sonic boom related to military jets in a testing track off the coast. Many residents and visitors reported the incident shortly after noon …

The Dispatch · 4/17/2014
One can only imagine what it is like for sound dependent underwater animals to be bombarded with these explosions.  It is time to stop using this technique.
Our oceans and the creatures that live there are more vital to our existence than mapping the sea floor.
I am sure if we can put a man on the moon we can figure out a non-intrusive way to map the ocean floor.


Research this issue and write congress with your ideas and opinions!



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