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Friday Photo / Painting Combo

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It takes a woman’s help to get the job done…




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Middle East Update: George Mitchell NOT Quitting As Special Envoy To The Middle East!

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Despite rumours to the contrary Mr. George Mitchell is not resigning due to the difficulties engendered in attempting to bring peace to the Middle East focusing on the Israeli/ Palestinian dispute.


From www.gulfnews.com

US State Department denies Mitchell is quitting

US State Department official says George Mitchell is engaged in discussions with Palestinians

  • By Habib Toumi, Bahrain Bureau Chief
  • Published: 11:26 February 27, 2010
Image from Google
  • Special US Middle East ambassador George Mitchell.
  • Image Credit: AP

Manama: A US State Department official has denied as “rumours” the media reports that Special US Middle East ambassador George Mitchell had offered his resignation.

“There appears to be a monthly rumour, story that George Mitchell is resigning. He is not, and he is on the job,” Philip J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary, said at the Daily Press Briefing on Friday.

“George Mitchell is determined. He is engaged in discussions with the Palestinians, with the Israelis, with others around the region. And we’re all looking for that formula that can open the door for talks to begin.”

Hadith An Nass, a Nazareth-based daily, reported on Friday that Mitchell wanted to quit in frustration with the way the US administration has been handling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The paper, quoting an unnamed Arab political source, said that his decision stemmed partly from a perception of biased favour towards Israel by some US officials within the State Department and also from his own failure to advance the resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

According to the report, the White House had turned down Mitchell’s request.

However, in the briefing, Crowley said that the US was frustrated with the lack of progress.

“Are we frustrated? Sure, we’re frustrated… We want to see the parties get in negotiations. We want to see the parties taking steps that create an impetus that moves you towards negotiation, not unilateral steps that create either tension or obstacles that can inhibit the return to negotiations,” Crowley said.

“We think that, as we’ve said many, many times, the issues that are complex, emotional, can only be resolved in dialogue between the parties, and the sooner they begin talks, the better,” he said at the briefing

Peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis were halted more than a year ago over the war in the Gaza Strip and have not resumed.


PEACE   (is within our grasp )


 www.state.gov    US  Department of State

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