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President Trump Is Neither Dem Or Repub So He Has A Chance To Make Real Change

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Some positive President Trump Info


Via Christian Science Monitor



(CNN)Ordinarily a president whose polls

President Trump

A new WSJ/NBC News poll shows that most Americans don’t see PresidentTrump as a typical Republican – something that WSJ’s Gerald F. Seib says …

Donald Trump


Afterall he is the President and I hope he succeeds in stopping interventionist wars and brings peace , and reduces the prices of drugs/healthcare for all citizens two goals he had and has.




Are people trashing Trump for rating? Have they looked at all the things he did in first 100 days…he got us out of the TPP deal. There are good and bad things in the TPP now it can be re-negotiated.  I am pro anyone that will fix what is wrong. Peace would mean a huge surplus to US budget as militray winds down.


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