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Fractals Mathmatics And Expanding Your Brain Power

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Fractals/ quantum theory suggests that parallel universes (universes that exist alongside the world you live in)  are everywhere and they can be created by a mere thought on your part which generates electrons which are the building blocks of the universe ie reality….your life.

A parallel universe where another you exists, living a parallel life enjoying themselves unbeknownst to you!  or known to you ???

Now you may say yes you may say no to these ideas but in stretching a brain via  physics all you need is a pathway to walk to get to the thinking process, your thinking process that opens up ideas and epiphanies for your perusal… the way to get to physics ( and metaphysics the flip side of physics in my opinion) is by contemplating/reading about art or science.   For physics (and metaphysics) are bridges to and from – art and science and while you are walking on those bridges – that is where insight and inspiration make themselves known.

And who wh,o who I say amongst us cannot use a little inspiration and insight in there lives?

Book of the day to get you started on the road to stretching your brain

Our Mathematical Universe, My Quest For The Ultimate Nature Of Reality

By Max Tegmark Via New York Times Book Review Feb. 16 2014 http://www.nytimes.com



FractalWikipedia, the free encyclopedia


A fractal is a mathematical set that typically displays self-similar patterns, which means it is “the same from near as from far”.


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