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Dr Scholls UFOS And The Mysteries Of Life

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A pair of ” Classic”  forest green suede schools arrived at my front door.   For 15 years my formative years I wore Dr Scholls sandals no socks summer, 3 pairs socks winter and if need be… a pair of converse sneakers graced my feet occasionally.

Around 28 the wooden platform shoes became harder and harder to find so I grudgingly gave them up.


Looking down at the box my now calloused feet jumped, I grabbed the box throwing packing here and there until a pair of wooded beauties lay before my eyes.

I slipped my foot into the shoe not unlike cinderella before the ball then the other and almost immediately I began to spin, twirl on my heels and click that wood together —it was as if my feet were laden with waiting memories.

The spin reminded me of  slipping on the wooden slats  of a bench 11 at night trying to get a better look at my first and only UFO, as I craned to see, it swooshed to just above my head and stepping back my wood scholl get caught in one of the slats…

The swirl reminded me of twirling around after hearing Bruce Springsteen- yes that B. Springsteen yell ” Get them out of here!”  All you could hear were my scholls’ clomping erratically down the hall, he was quite volatile in those days pressure of BTR I suppose… Me and my two springsteen seeking  cohorts vamoosed our way around the college until we managed to get to the Gym hoping that we wouldn’t be asked for tickets —  we weren’!

And finally the click. Scholls’ wooden bases naturally hit each other so you could make a heil hitler click at a moments notice!   I was reminded that whenever I and my friends got ourselves into a fix I would click the heels together and say ” There’s no plaace like home there’s no place like home” ala ruby shoes of Judy Garland,

I could bore you with more but I  have to get out of the house and see what adventures I can scurry up! 

Do something today that you did long ago and try to remember who you were and all that youthful exhuberance, it still comes in handy as the sun fades for our generation.


 Try to leave the best parts of you behind when you go.  ( we are all going to go, some sooner some later so face it!)

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Did You Ever?

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Did you ever?
Life’s unanswerable questions conundrums paradoxes in daily existence
Did you ever watch the birds in your yard – why each has a specific character traits, mourning doves love to argue, one following the other stopping to do a tiff, then flying away a few feet- the other follows and they repeat that really endlessly –
Blackbirds, the traveling packs love to bathe , why they will bathe all day- by noon (if you put out water at 5:30 am) it  is brown and needs to be replaced ! Squeaky clean they are.
Blue jays have to announce they are coming for 5-10 mins. with caws usually, then they arrive in foursomes  all dressed in blue feathers.
Cardinals go two by two, one brown one red… red always scopes the area out first so brown may arrive in peace, somewhat like the secret service and presidents.
Sparrows arrive by pack 20 to 30 or more! and when they start a chatting grab the ear plugs and watch as they fly in a solid swarm dipping and rising as they go.
And finally hawks they are direct looking for breakfast only… when they come by, the party is over, everyone heads for places unknown.
So watch your garden for signs of life it is a world within a world within a world.
Why do singers work with people who compete with them ? I was watching a duet and one singer was singing away while the other waiting their turn would look down -look away make a  pained face -I was wondering when that singer was going to take a sign out that said look at me!
Then the duet began and as the refrain started the same singer began to try to vocally drown out the other singer – the singer was loud, then they competed for who would have the last vocalization at the end of each phrasing… it was painful to watch !
Lesson- never compete in art both parties usually lose and the audience most certainly does.
Can anyone tell me why it takes this–
to trim this—
I recently bought this,
and no longer wake neighbors, smell or pay for gas  or wait to fill my container at the pump, I love it!!! (today’s technology is 1000 percent better than say a 1960 hand mower lighter, shaper blades and doesn’t get caught in high grass!  )
Happy trails…
See full size image
Ugarte: You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust.
FROM www.imdb.com and the movie Casablanca
Thanks to Google for Images

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Metaphysical Tip – Watch Your Dreams!

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Listening to your dreams you can get alot of info and thoughts that can then be used in everyday life. 

I will be passing along any info I receive that seems pertinent or interesting! 

Last night I came across the phrase “shifting spheres”.   Looked it up on www.crystalinks.com  and there it was  a discussion of such spheres by Aristotle and others,  Have fun and listen…



 Below FROM Crystalinks.com, 


Atlas The Celestial Sphere

The celestial spheres, or celestial orbs, were the fundamental celestial entities of the cosmological celestial mechanics first invented by Eudoxus, adopted by Aristotle and developed by Ptolemy, Copernicus and others.

In this celestial model the stars and planets are carried around by being embedded in rotating spheres made of an aetherial transparent fifth element (quintessence), like jewels set in orbs.

In geocentric models the spheres were most commonly arranged outwards from the center in this order: the sphere of the Moon, the sphere of Mercury, the sphere of Venus, the sphere of the Sun, the sphere of Mars, the sphere of Jupiter, the sphere of Saturn, the starry firmament, and sometimes one or two additional spheres. The order of the lower planets was not universally agreed:

Plato and his followers ordered them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and then followed the standard model for the upper spheres; there were other disagreements about the relative place of the spheres of Mercury and Venus.

Antiquity    In his Metaphysics, Aristotle adopted a celestial physics of geo-concentric rotating nested spheres first devised and developed by the astronomers Eudoxus and Callippus. In the fully developed Aristotelian celestial physics, the spherical Earth is at the center of the universe and the planets are attached to anywhere from 47 to 55 concentric spheres that rotate around the Earth. Aristotle considers that these spheres are made of an unchanging fifth element, the aether, and each of these concentric spheres is moved by a god – an unchanging divine mover. Aristotle says that to determine the exact number of spheres and the number of divine movers, one should consult the astronomers.

The astronomer Ptolemy (fl. ca. 150 AD) defined a geometrical model of the universe in his Almagest and extended it to a physical model of the cosmos in his Planetary hypotheses. In doing so, he added mathematical detail and predictive accuracy that had been lacking in earlier spherical models of the cosmos. In Ptolemy’s model, each planet is moved by two or more spheres (or strictly speaking, by thick equatorial slices of spheres): one sphere is the deferent, with a center offset somewhat from the Earth; the other sphere is an epicycle embedded in the deferent, with the planet embedded in the spherical epicycle. Through the use of the epicycle, eccentric, and equant, this model of compound circular motions could account for all the irregularities of a planet’s apparent movements in the sky.

Middle Ages

Christian and Muslim philosophers modified Ptolemy’s system to include an unmoved outermost region, which was the dwelling place of God and all the elect. The outermost moving sphere, which moved with the daily motion affecting all subordinate spheres, was moved by a fixed unmoved mover, the Prime Mover, who was identified with God. Each of the lower spheres was moved by a subordinate spiritual mover (a replacement for Aristotle’s multiple divine movers), called an intelligence. 


There is much more information on this subject at ,  


An excellent Scientific/Metaphysical site thorough and well written. 



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Poem – ” Sitting Back “

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No one knows what is going on
you don’t know
I don’t know
metaphysical even quizzical???

sometimes it seems that all is clear-


this situation, this libation –

to our spirits

it is odd old sod,


why is it co complicated?

why so gold plated?

why so important?

In the scheme of things

just another dream

in a world of broken dreams

why is the universe nudging us

fudging with us…

I look for the point beyond meta – physical,

and I am lost-

Can you tell me?

Till then I’ll just sit back, hoping I’m on track.


Clarification – Meaning old sod – term of endearment

( That is how I have heard it used, but looking it up there are many meaning all negative! I have also noticed while researching words that the most inane simple word is used somewhere by someone as a sexual reference – That is never the case on this blog , in case anyone is wondering!)


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Poe-m-eta ” Walking Through Time “

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Deep, deep,


of feelings

some say emotions are illusions —

deep, deep,

reservoirs of feelings-


(Talking through time, walking through  time – holding your hand…I can hear your touch, I can feel your voice, in time.)




FROM,   www.davidicke.com  below –

03-02-2009, 12:32 PM
Our Journey to Enlightenment


Enlightenment of Mind & Heart

There are two categories of what is called enlightenment. First, there is enlightenment that comes from the mind. This includes enlightenment of the mental body where people receive a certain amount of illumination that happens through the mind, and it also includes the many ideas of enlightenment” which are Illusions of enlightenment. The word “enlightenment” is used very loosely today to apply to a lot of different spiritual practices and mental states” So, there are many ideas about enlightenment, and even more ideas about the illusions of enlightenment.

The second aspect to enlightenment is of the heart. It is talked about considerably in the Buddhic, Vedantic and Sufi paths, and to a far lesser extent in other paths. Enlightenment of the heart is a different focus from that of the mind, and, in my view, enlightenment of the mind is incomplete without the enlightenment of the heart.

In order to bring our soul into the physical dimension, we have been clothed in a garment which can live in this degree of density. This garment is our personality which is composed of physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies. What happens in the process of life experiences is that our soul becomes caught in the personality, which, in turn, gets caught in the pain and other illusions that are characteristic of the physical dimension. The experiences in this plane which were supposed to be of love, beauty, and fulfillment have become distorted into deep experiences of limitations and the deepest limitations are pain, suffering and disease.

The Challenge

Every time someone throws their emotions at you it challenges you to see if you can maintain the love within you that is the core essence of your being, in spite of what the other person’s emotional upset. If your lover or boss comes in screaming at you, can you hold the love? If we want to match the love quality of God, we must do the same for others. If you get hooked by the other person’s emotions, you lose your center and your love, and become entangled with like emotions. This further encases you in the illusions of the lower emotions. Ask yourself why you fell into this trap? Why did you forget? Why did you lose yourself? Go inside yourself and purify that place so you don’t forget the next time it happens.


Also research Edgar Cayce’s ideas on this thought.   www.edgarcayce.org

A site for research and enlightenment, using Edgar Cayces readings (Psychic and medical Clairvoyant)

 and   www.crystalinks.com

 A site for, Metaphysical/Scientific research

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Flash Poem #4 ” A Cup Of Tea “

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with bloated seams

gleam under

the weight of a golden team –

left to steam…and steam, and rise above my tea cup.


Dreams –

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Poemic-Koanic-Haiku ” Out Of The Blue”

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In my dreams they told me,

” Don’t turn your back on love.”


In my dreams they told me,

” Trust your heart.”


But what is love?


what is my heart saying to me?


When she read my cards she said –

” You have something to give.”


” You have a cross with burnt edges –

before your head.”


She told me everything I needed to know…

But, I still don’t know what she said???




 Image Courtesy of Google



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