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Flash Story Challenge ! Bells In The Forest

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Pam looked to the side of the path she was on in her local forest of choice and noticed a tiny fairy sitting on a rock doing her nails.  At least it appeared to be a fairy.  It had transaparent wings that fluttered every so often. It had a pink jacket on and maroon velvet pants. The shoes it wore were gold and curled up ending with a silver bell that tinkled as it recrossed it’sr legs. Pam stopped walking to get a better look. when ….. 


You finish the story in 200 words or less-

Good Luck!!


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Painting, Portraits And Ethics

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Painting is an art, but art is also a business, and if you are hired to do a portrait of someone then it is up to you, as an artist for hire, to do your best- to provide the service you were paid for.

Now if you are painting for your own expression then all bets are off your work is your own, sometimes even you don’t know where your work will take you.

I think it was ridiculous to put in the painting an aside/reference to an event in that sitter’s life that they themselves would dislike, and then when no one noticed it, to bring up the hidden reference yourself! It  is a definite no no in the artist’s book of ethics!!

If I were Clinton I would put the picture in a shredder and hire someone else to redo the portrait  !!!!!!

Perhaps something in the rose garden with buddy !


Painter Nelson Shanks, the artist who created the 2005 portrait of former President Bill Clinton hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., says he included a reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal in …USA Today · 3/4/2015


Shredding is allowed look under the chapter miscellaneous, then the section- tom foolery…..



In-depth coverage >


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Monday Night Flash Story Challenge

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Finish the story below it can be one sentence or 15 more, you decide!


It was a dark and stormy night…. Julinda opened the balcony window.
“Julinda Julinda,  a bouquet for you. “

She looked around but saw nothing.  Maybe she was hearing things.  She stepped out on to the edge of the rail looking for the eclipse promised at midnight.

” Julinda Julinda, here down here.

She stretched her head out looking below…..

Now read no further and write what happened next


My version

sure enough there was a hand with a bouquet of roses .

She said, ” I can’t see you please lean out from your balcony.

A brown-eyed man appeared wearing a tweed cap and holding a martini in his other hand.

” I’ve admired you from afar from afar.  Julinda here catch, ” and with that he threw the roses up.  They flew past her head then as they passed back down she reached out, but missed  catching a few petals in her hand.

” Sorry, ” she muttered.

” That’s alright, I will try again tomorrow.” With that he poured himself another martini from a pitcher he had and disappeared under her balcony.

“Hmmm ,”she said.  Then the corner of her eye caught the beginning of a blue moon eclipse.  She watched in wonder thinking the world can be a strange but – interesting place.


PEACE and Happy writing…..



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Barnes Foundation Remembered ( The Original Home )

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Albert C. Barnes was an interesting and unusual person.  How can I tell when I never met Mr. Barnes? Because he left behind at his estate a record of his heart and mind put together with class and grace and a respect for the history of art and a rebellion against the established art community.

I visited his estate many times while it existed in Merion, Pennsylvania a suburb outside of  Philadelphia, like the Wharton Esherick residence and  Fonthill ( both homes of artists that were left for the public to experience), the encounter with an artist’s home created out their spirit and based on their ideas about art and life takes you into another world where the visitor can see and learn on many levels.

Its removal from Merion was regrettable and against Mr. Barnes wishes, for what was lost is his intricate  sense of combinations and connections between high art and low art and art from different time periods.

When you walked inside there was a sense of time standing still, also you never felt that you could not linger  in front of any wall filled with his personal choices.  You could see places where something was put up then moved, it was as if he was still there around the corner, watching you enjoy his presentations.


Room 11, east wall
To me he was saying yeah this is a great painting but it is just a painting and see how well it goes with this iron work or sculpture ?it was a democratization of art, a statement against the glorification of art and codification of art that happens in many museums.  Also it was eye level and below or just above so the works were wholly accessible.

Once again I realize that I  lived through a golden age of museums ! When you could go to the Barnes foundation and see all manner of impressionistic painting (one of my interests at the time) or to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and pick up a professionally printed copy of a painting on heavy paper for 25 or 30 cents! 

 So this post is about thanking Mr Barnes, for that experience and to tell him that although his work has been removed and taken down  from the walls of his residence—his ideas and beliefs about art will live on forever in my mind and  in books and pieces written by others, about what you created for the world.

Thank you, Mr. Barnes and all those who sought to keep his estate intact.

I will miss that type of experience as everything unique tends to be generalized homogenized…..but WAIT  we can all create something as Mr. Barnes did, whether big or small that  fights against the wall of homogeny that the global market inevitably produces by reducing everything to what everyone will like, look at the poor tomato– I rest my case.

So, in closing I ask everyone across the globe to make something that you can leave behind for posterity so that in the future someone will write or think or speak about you and the loss of your work.




Wharton Esherick Studio




A working class Philadelphian himself, Dr. Albert Coombs Barnes established the foundation in 1922 to “promote appreciation of the fine arts” among the common man. Over the years, the Barnes Foundation has procured one of the most noteworthy collections of early French modern and post-impressionist paintings in the world. Works by artists like Renoir, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso and Rousseau are part of the collection.
Merion and Philadelphia,PA 

Location:Doylestown, PennsylvaniaCoordinates:40.321158°N 75.122902°WCoordinates: 40.321158°N 75.122902°WBuilt:1908Architect:Dr. Henry C. MercerArchitectural style:Mixed (more Than 2 Styles From Different Periods)Governing body:PrivatePart of:Fonthill, Mercer Museum, and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works (#85002366)NRHP Reference#:72001094Significant datesAdded to NRHP:June 1, 1972[1]Designated NHLDCP:February 4, 1985[2

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Painting Of The Day

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

This painting was the last painting that Raphael painted, the key to the painting are the two little cherubs looking up at the madonna and child with expressions of ?    You decide -but they are the most pensive little angels I ever saw.

Touching painting, out of all Raphael’s work I favor this piece- which goes to show that as a person or an artist or any other profession, you never know when your best work  will arrive so keep plodding everyone— the light around the corner is, almost here. 


Raphael sanzio 1483 1520 italian sistine madonna


Spanish English Proverb below, it seems to go with this painting…..

Everyman for himself and God for us all.

Sistine MadonnaArtistRaphaelYear1513–1514TypeOil on canvasDimensions265 cm × 196 cm (104 in × 77 in)LocationGemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden


Better copy from www.wikipedia.org

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Fourth Of July Weekend Art Challenge!!!

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Happy Pre Holiday, the challenge is as follows 1. write a flash (or longer) story or 2. paint a watercolor (or do both)


(Finish the story started below or write a new one!)

Somewhere In What Was Formerly Known As The USA, 2030

She hung up the newest contraption guaranteed to eliminate all pests bio and electronic.

” We’ll see, ” she flopped a muskrat on the grill looked over the last series of citations and warnings she

had received from the latest congress and poured her homemade special 5 barbecue sauce over the

carcass.  Five new senates had been formed this year alone she thought, and it was only July.

” I told you the only way to handle them damn bug drones is to pick em’ off one by one, my slingshot is

over there sister have a go. ” He said.

” Yeah and if you get caught they’ll come by and cattle prod you with that new taser-laser thing-a-ma-giggy

like they did Annie last week.

” So, are you going to the fire works tonight?” He said.

Now it is your turn what would happen next?...


Paint a still life which is anything you set up to paint, fruit in a bowl with a plate or cloth is a great first watercolor,

Get arches watercolor paper, hot pressed and a small set of watercolors, Derwent is a good company- the easiest place to buy these items is A.C. Moore or an art store if one is near where you live, surprisingly A.C. has, arches paper which is the best low-end watercolor paper, other types of paper could tear with the water used but not always, Windsor Newton has great brushes,

  set up your still life looking for good patterns and colors, leave 4 hours to work ( or longer), with break and viola a masterpiece!

Paul Cezanne watercolors below

If you have a skull lying around use that!

Happy Holidays!!

Paul Cézanne (US play /sˈzæn/ or UK /sɨˈzæn/; French: [pɔl sezan]; 1839–1906) was a French artist and Post-Impressionist painter whose work laid the foundations of the transition from the 19th century conception of artistic endeavour to a new and radically different world of art in the 20th century. Cézanne can be said to form the bridge between late 19th century Impressionism and the early 20th century’s new line of artistic enquiry, Cubism. The line attributed to both Matisse and Picasso that Cézanne “is the father of us all” cannot be easily dismissed.

For more research http://www.wikipedia.org

Barbecue sauce No. 5


lemon zest


brown sugar


black pepper




scallions and dill

mix and baste one muscrat or a pound of firm TOFU!!!

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Artifacts Unplugged

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Art has many levels many ways a viewer can experience the objects… but for the artist  some art is part of a metaphysical journey, a way to transcend life.

Peace… Happy Friday!

( DVD rec. LOVEJOY first season a antiquing sleuth – no fav yet just picked up toady!)

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