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Poem – “Ode To An Archaeologist”

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Ode To An Archaeologist


She had but one dream

night and day

it pursued her

that shoe that shoe

why can’t I find that shoe?

through mud

filtering dirt

mounds and mounds of dirt

a relentless flirt of dirt-

then one day… she slowly reached in

a sort of bin

feeling first with her hand, soft as a  cow’s ear

wow, some kind of mummified steer!

she pulled it out and it was the shoe…

that shoe!

she had dreamt of finding,

with her team-

the completion of her dirt driven dream.

NEWS: Oldest Shoe in the World Found in Armenian Cave, 6-10-10

The Armenian shoe discovery, published Wednesday in PLoS One, an online journal, was made beneath one of several cave chambers, when an Armenian doctoral student, Diana Zardaryan, noticed a small pit of weeds. Reaching down, she touched two sheep horns, then an upside-down broken bowl. Under that was what felt like “an ear of a cow,” she said. “But when I took it out, I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s a shoe.’ To find a shoe has always been my dream.”                 FROM www.nytimes.com 



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