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Did You Ever Fall Asleep While Working At Your Keyboard?

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Below from http://www.ecotimes.indiatimes.com


German banker naps on keyboard, transfers millions

AFPJun 12, 2013, 04.00AM IST

BERLIN: An obviously tired German bank employee fell asleep on his keyboard and accidentally transformed a minor transfer into a $293-million order, a court heard on Tuesday.

The Hessen labour court heard that the man was supposed to transfer just 62.40 from a bank account belonging to a retiree, but instead fell asleep for an instant while pushing onto the number 2 key on the keyboard, making it a huge 222,222,222.22 order.


Haven’t we all been there?

I heard that the NSA is working on a device that while monitoring you at your computer, if  detected that you are sleepy – you will receive a mild taser jolt!



( just kidding…..)



***  ( “The Sleeping Hermaphroditus” at the Louvre Museum in Paris )



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