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Metaphysical Tip – Look Around, Is The Universe Sending You A Message?

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(Warning !!! Open your  mind and heart before reading this post …)



If you see something unusual  while doing your daily activities, think about it, research it… it  may be a message from the universe…

 such as- in the past two days I have been “buzzed” by large dragonflies – one outside Target in a parking lot!  It lingered before my eyes for quite a while flew away then returned again to linger..


Today another dragonfly buzzed me same size 4-5 inches lingering in front of me,


So I looked up dragonfly on the internet and it said-



DRAGONFLY – lets us see past the illusion, letting light in so that we can see what we need to see to make our lives better.   When we’ve tricked ourselves into believing that the limitations of physical existence prevent us from changing and growing Dragonfly medicine teaches us to pierce our self-created illusions.  Dragonfly reminds us to let our colors shine by using the light within.

From www.theearthangelconnection.com  or Crystalinks – more science based site



I am earnestly trying to put something behind me currently so this information is a help, it backs my efforts…
Now this could all be gobbledygook and one always has to review and remind yourself that metaphysical signs are merely tips,  if they are helpful use them!
So look around, watch see if the universe is trying to nudge you down a better path!!!


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Metaphysical Tip – Watch Your Dreams!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “ 


Listening to your dreams you can get alot of info and thoughts that can then be used in everyday life. 

I will be passing along any info I receive that seems pertinent or interesting! 

Last night I came across the phrase “shifting spheres”.   Looked it up on www.crystalinks.com  and there it was  a discussion of such spheres by Aristotle and others,  Have fun and listen…



 Below FROM Crystalinks.com, 


Atlas The Celestial Sphere

The celestial spheres, or celestial orbs, were the fundamental celestial entities of the cosmological celestial mechanics first invented by Eudoxus, adopted by Aristotle and developed by Ptolemy, Copernicus and others.

In this celestial model the stars and planets are carried around by being embedded in rotating spheres made of an aetherial transparent fifth element (quintessence), like jewels set in orbs.

In geocentric models the spheres were most commonly arranged outwards from the center in this order: the sphere of the Moon, the sphere of Mercury, the sphere of Venus, the sphere of the Sun, the sphere of Mars, the sphere of Jupiter, the sphere of Saturn, the starry firmament, and sometimes one or two additional spheres. The order of the lower planets was not universally agreed:

Plato and his followers ordered them Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and then followed the standard model for the upper spheres; there were other disagreements about the relative place of the spheres of Mercury and Venus.

Antiquity    In his Metaphysics, Aristotle adopted a celestial physics of geo-concentric rotating nested spheres first devised and developed by the astronomers Eudoxus and Callippus. In the fully developed Aristotelian celestial physics, the spherical Earth is at the center of the universe and the planets are attached to anywhere from 47 to 55 concentric spheres that rotate around the Earth. Aristotle considers that these spheres are made of an unchanging fifth element, the aether, and each of these concentric spheres is moved by a god – an unchanging divine mover. Aristotle says that to determine the exact number of spheres and the number of divine movers, one should consult the astronomers.

The astronomer Ptolemy (fl. ca. 150 AD) defined a geometrical model of the universe in his Almagest and extended it to a physical model of the cosmos in his Planetary hypotheses. In doing so, he added mathematical detail and predictive accuracy that had been lacking in earlier spherical models of the cosmos. In Ptolemy’s model, each planet is moved by two or more spheres (or strictly speaking, by thick equatorial slices of spheres): one sphere is the deferent, with a center offset somewhat from the Earth; the other sphere is an epicycle embedded in the deferent, with the planet embedded in the spherical epicycle. Through the use of the epicycle, eccentric, and equant, this model of compound circular motions could account for all the irregularities of a planet’s apparent movements in the sky.

Middle Ages

Christian and Muslim philosophers modified Ptolemy’s system to include an unmoved outermost region, which was the dwelling place of God and all the elect. The outermost moving sphere, which moved with the daily motion affecting all subordinate spheres, was moved by a fixed unmoved mover, the Prime Mover, who was identified with God. Each of the lower spheres was moved by a subordinate spiritual mover (a replacement for Aristotle’s multiple divine movers), called an intelligence. 


There is much more information on this subject at ,  


An excellent Scientific/Metaphysical site thorough and well written. 



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