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Torture: President Bush Lied

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President Clinton lied about an extra- marital affair, President Bush lied about initiating torture as a accepted practice of the United States Government.

President Clinton was put on trial for impeachment.

President Bush has still not admitted that his administration used torture as a interrogation technique.


In the reports released yesterday there was a memo, as reported by National Public Radio, that stated that a prisoner in the custody of the US was waterboarded over 100 times.  The interrogators requested that the procedure be stopped. Someone in  the upper echelons of the US government refused that request and ordered that the waterbarding continue.

Many people on the right say we cannot  punish the ordinary soldier for carrying out orders I agree whole heartedly except for two things ,


1.  With a through a investigation of what the underlings did, the people who operated outside of international laws against war crimes whether a President, Vice President  or other can be held accountable. 


2.   Soldiers and everyone in government need to know, as  Matthew Alexander did, that they are permitted to question orders that include war crimes, indeed it is their responsibility as US citizens.   A through investigation as to who did what and who ordered it ( more importantly) is the only way to make sure that torture is never used by the United States of America again.


The question is Do we want to be a gold plated democracy or not?  Do we want to  follow in the steps of George Washington and treat prisoners fairly?  Or not. 



Note :  A quote from Matthew Alexander,

“My extensive experience demonstrates that we can effectively interrogate without using torture and abuse. We do not have to choose between terror and torture. We are Americans and we are smarter and better than that.”

Matthew Alexander is a pseudonym for a 14 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. As the leader of an elite interrogations team in Iraq, he conducted more than 300 interrogations and supervised more than 1,000. He served in three wars and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal in 2006.

From an article in the Daily Beast Titled ‘Torture Doesn’t Work”




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