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On A Lighter Note- Did you Hear About The Pant-less Bicycle Race This Weekend In Philadephia!


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Now I”m not saying I’m going ,

and I’m not saying it is even possible,

 (Have you ever rode a ten speed! I have and well…Kudos to those who can do it – Alfresco as it were-!)  But – you can always depend on Philadelphia the city of Brotherly love, cheese steaks with competing stands, Benjamin Franklin, a gentleman who spent his free time standing in thunder storms flying a kite with a key attached searching for that elusive bolt of lightening, the city where Marcel Duchamp (Artist) deemed it proper to leave his life’s work (check out Philadelphia Museum of Art)… stepping up to the plate of life.

Perhaps it is the residue rebellious nature of the descendents who waved the flag ” Don’t Tread on Me ” during pre- revolutionary days,  ( I myself have some of that exploratory /you and who else? attitude running around inside of me from being a  relative of Daniel Boone)  that sparks declarations/ movements and the like.

Whatever, something is always breaking loose in Philly and people work to make things better never forgetting to  add that quirky fun funky element  that makes life an unexpected source of serious sassy serendipity!

Oh by the way, that naked bike race is to promote less fuel consumption and has taken place worldwide in over 70 cities!  This Sunday in Philly.


See Philadelphia Daily News at   www.philly.com

Marcel Duchamp at Philadelphia Museum of Art  www.philamuseum.org


Have a sassy Friday!


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Da Da / An Artist Rebellion Against WWI and Conforming to Societies Demands

GALLERY CHAT on Friday Night                                ” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


 DaDa Art was called the anti – art, it was made to provoke feelings of confusion and sometimes disgust that would in turn force you, the viewer, to question what is art and what is not.                                                  (One of my favorite DaDa artists was Marcel Duchamp.  Below I use a group of his images As examples.)

A good example of this is  the image below,


 It is called ” Fur Covered Cup Saucer and Spoon ” 1936



Portrait of Marcel Duchamp ( He was an aficionado of the game of Chess )


Or an image like this which was a reaction to cubism, what do you see there?

It is called ” Nude Descending A Stair Case.” 1912


 According to its proponents, Dada was not art, it was “anti-art.” For everything that art stood for, Dada was to represent the opposite. Where art was concerned with traditional aesthetics, Dada ignored aesthetics. If art was to appeal to sensibilities, Dada was intended to offend. Through their rejection of traditional culture and aesthetics the Dadaists hoped to destroy traditional culture and aesthetics.

As dadaist Hugo Ball expressed it, “For us, art is not an end in itself … but it is an opportunity for the true perception and criticism of the times we live in.”[5



Have a   DaDa Weekend!

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