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Fresh Food, The Price Of Vegetables And Bubble up Farmimg

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What is fresh?  Fresh is when you are standing behind a pickup truck and a farmer releases the latch and everyone dives for the biggest corn cobs  as they tumble and slide down onto the back of the truck.  Fresh is tomatoes in a huge basket being dumped on a cool wooden table under the shining sun – no two tomatoes ever looked alike …..What is fresh? When you  bite into a plum you just bought and the juice spurts and falls down your chin onto your crisp white top!

That’s fresh!

That has been my vegetable buying experience until 5 years ago -the combo of genetic engineering for perfectly shaped fruit at the loss of taste and nutrition and factory farming taking over too many small farms has changed all that.

 But last week I found a good stand where yes! they pulled up in a pick up truck as I arrived ! and the peaches are juicy, the corn sweet and tender- as I left the stand 2 workers got their dog ( who just happened to look exactly like my old dog pickle) to bring an ear of corn to me at my car, I looked over and they were leaning against the pickup laughing—that is bubble up farming!


We take control farmers and eaters join hands and complete the cycle of life love and eating!!! So search out the farm in your area and buy directly from him or her ,WE can and will keep the prices down that way, and keep the fun of food alive!!!!!!

Support your local Farmers they are so cool!


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Meatless Tuesday – South Street Spanish Fries !

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Take 2 potatoes  Slice into strips

Take a red pepper slice into strips

Take a white onion large slice into rings

Flop all into a large pan (Heat oven to 350 degrees)

Pour over all – 1 tab. oil , Louisiana hot sauce , sprinkle with vinegar, stir a bit.

into oven 20 min – 30 min  (watch can cover)

 Place in player ” Death On The Nile” DVD Agatha Christie story lots of actual shots of pyramids tombs, great cast Bette Davis, David Nevin, Mia Farrow! 


Have a glass of Port and wait, 

Take out of oven ,cover with salt and pepper and you have Spanish Fries!


And you just saved a tiny piece of the planet!


( sun-dried tomatoes optional)



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Wednesday Night Photo Grouping For The Workers Of The World

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Local workers, local food always the best,


“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook”

Julia Childs



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