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Funny Statements

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”

From Frasier (TV show)

While Frasier was having a house hold conflagration with Eddie (his father’s pet terrier) and his father-he mumbled to himself…

“I’m riding on a bus to hell.”


On a radio show talking about dogs biting people . an older woman told a story of her dog biting a visiting police man, when asked what happened by radio host-she said,

” I had to buy new cop pants.”


I am still laughing about the cop pants… !!Peace


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A squirrel

is a squirrel

is a squirrel

they love life

make their own fun

hang by their back legs on the bark of a tree

and stretch with the front legs

early morning yoga!



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Thai Easter Egg Java -Fallen Angel Cocktail

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Take –

Image result for ice cubes

See more images of ice cubes



Image result for frangelico

See more images of frangelico



Image result for brazilian coffeeImage result for brazilian coffee

See more images of brazilian coffee


Eagle Brand Sweetened …Eagle Brand Sweetened …

mix as your preference requires –tip hot java into condensed milk over lotsa ice and Frangelico over top– Enjoy!!

And have a great week!!



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Quick 1950’s Meal!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Pork and Saukraut!

!  pkg of pork cutlets

1 large bag of saurkraut

1 box quick mashed potatoes

2 cans Jellied cranberry

put after draining juice from, saurkraut in bottom of long glass cooking pan

place porkchops on top of kraut

put in oven cook at 350 degrees until done,  usually 45 minutes

when done all should be soft and kraut sweet

make mashed potatoes

de-can cranberry

 and viola! Dinner ! Serve with olive and pickle relish dish!!

Happy eating!!


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County Kildare, Ireland, One Of Your Own Has Passed Through The Pearly Gates

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

They don’t make them like that anymore – he started out as a newspaper boy in Wilkesbarre PA. ending in the halls of congess, a lawyer like his role model Abraham Lincoln, working with Senator Byrd ” Get John Crawley,” he called out when they needed expert advice on negotationg  contracts for the Army.. But he was a true everyday man – if you needed help he was there –

Once I had my car stolen while I was working in Philly.  The police called that night round midnight and said we found it- here is the street where it is.  We made it down there-found the car but the starter was burned out.  John found a wire hanger in his old green van and fixed it up to jump start.  He said to me pop the clutch as I roll the car – it was a one shot deal. I popped the clutch as the car picked up speed and it started!!!

I could hear him saying “Don’t let it stall! ”  As he shook his head and smiled.  I cruised down to 95 nouth and was on my way home.

No, they don’t make them like that anymore.  I learned that night two things- what friendship was and that there was always a way – if… you had the will.

Peace and Merry X-mas Dad, or as you said as I drove into the driveway back home that night “Holy Christmas!”

John Joseph Crawley




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Decompression Snack

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Take a box of  spice cookies

pumpkin ice cream

whipped cream


sit down with ingriedients, fav movie /TV show and make autumn ice cream bars !!

A steaming cup of sumatra coffee with 1 part rum in it- and you are in heaven, best done after work while you laugh—

Then you will be ready to start your evening …..a long walk perhaps under the moon and stars, don’t forget to howl at the moon – if someone pokes their head out the door to see what the rukus is -just say Did you hear that ? There must be coyotes in the area! and walk on. Yes, walk on!


Peace —do something extra ordinary today.


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1950’s Snack/Dinner

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Cheese Whiz

Corn Chips (Fritos type)

mustard optional

Press cheese into each corn curl and eat while drinking a glass of iced orange soda.

Since this is dinner…..for dessert place 4 scoops of chocolate ice cream in a bowl pour Hersheys chocolate syrup all over -drop walnuts 10 or more over the top then whipped cream whole fat and a maraschino cherry on top!! watch let’s make a deal re-runs and you will have sweet dreams all night!!!

Maraschino cherry

In the United States, a maraschino cherry is a preserved, sweetened cherry, typically made from light-colored sweet cherries such as the Royal Ann, Rainier, or Gold varieties. In …


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