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Somewhere In South America,

The plane’s wheels hit the ground with a thud bounced again then skidded to the side and finally rested securely on god’s green earth or should I say mud.

” Nothing like riding the hills and valleys of cloud banks at six in the morning,” Estephan moaned to Kal as he jimmied the small plane’s door.

” At least you didn’t make the mistake of trying to partake of a the free can of tomato juice, ” which now resided discreetly in her lap. ” Grab that bag, I got the backpacks, look…over there Leila’s here already.”

Estephan glanced out the planes window ,coming towards them was a figure walking with such a rhythmic gait she looked as if she were dancing the rumba while she nimbly navigated the runway.


This passage is based on two experiences I had with small planes-  one while hitchhiking to the Bahamas after meeting a pilot in a casino in Florida, the other  while island hopping to Key West, small planes are like riding a 67 mustang in the air!

A typical hitchhiker’s gesture


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You Know You Are Getting Older When…

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


So I was putting my hair in a french twist , when I noticed “Ye Gods,  the underside of my upper arms , ever so slighty, are reminding me of Mrs. PARSONS! Now, you say, who is  Mrs. Parsons, well she was the teacher everyone got, one way or the other, before you were out of third grade.

When you did something that displeased her, she  had to be in her 80’s, in those days they allowed teachers to stay on, anyway she would  raise her arm up and wag her pointed finger at the offending party, basically vent at the tyke.

 We use to stare in wonder and awe at the distended hanging bag of withered flesh ( her former under arm ) and watch as it would swing, as her arm swayed and vice versa.  It was truly a sight to see and after a period of some trepidation a spot of delirious glee and laughter shared with my fellow attendees in an otherwise heavy workweek.

Mrs. Parsons was  a taskmaster and the only reason we were sitting in HER class was to learn.

So, Mrs. Parsons, where ever you may be, I want to thank you for teaching me to take work seriously and never wear a short-sleeved dress after a certain age…..

Mrs Parsons always wore a string of pearls, a flowered silk dress, stockings that fell to her ankles and sturdy 2 inch  high heels.

I have not forgotten her and I suggest neither do you, especially when you are dressing in the morning.  ( this post includes all sexes…)


Have a well read weekend!


For MRS. PARSONS a teacher among teachers!

Brick House – Commodores

She’s a brick house, she’s mighty mighty And just lettin’ it all hang out and she’s a brick house And like lady’s stacked and that’s the fact Ain’t holding nothing back, she’s a brick house We’re here together everybody knows This is how the story goes
She knows she’s got everything That a woman needs to get a man How can she lose with the sex she use 36-24-36, what a winning hand
She’s a brick house, she’s mighty mighty And she’s lettin’ it all hang out and she’s a brick house And like lady’s stacked and that’s the fact Ain’t holding nothing back she’s a brick house Yeah she’s the one, the only one built like an Amazon
The clothes she wears, her sexy ways Make a old man wish for younger days She knows she’s built and knows how to please Sure enough to knock a strong man to his knees
‘Cause she’s a brick house yeah she’s mighty mighty Just lettin’ it all hang out a brick house And like lady’s stacked and that’s the fact Ain’t holding nothing back

Brick house yeah she’s mighty mighty And just lettin’ it all hang out Brick house

yeah she’s the one the only one Built like a Amazon yeah
Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down Oh well brick house

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Did You Ever?

” Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Did you ever?
Life’s unanswerable questions conundrums paradoxes in daily existence
Did you ever watch the birds in your yard – why each has a specific character traits, mourning doves love to argue, one following the other stopping to do a tiff, then flying away a few feet- the other follows and they repeat that really endlessly –
Blackbirds, the traveling packs love to bathe , why they will bathe all day- by noon (if you put out water at 5:30 am) it  is brown and needs to be replaced ! Squeaky clean they are.
Blue jays have to announce they are coming for 5-10 mins. with caws usually, then they arrive in foursomes  all dressed in blue feathers.
Cardinals go two by two, one brown one red… red always scopes the area out first so brown may arrive in peace, somewhat like the secret service and presidents.
Sparrows arrive by pack 20 to 30 or more! and when they start a chatting grab the ear plugs and watch as they fly in a solid swarm dipping and rising as they go.
And finally hawks they are direct looking for breakfast only… when they come by, the party is over, everyone heads for places unknown.
So watch your garden for signs of life it is a world within a world within a world.
Why do singers work with people who compete with them ? I was watching a duet and one singer was singing away while the other waiting their turn would look down -look away make a  pained face -I was wondering when that singer was going to take a sign out that said look at me!
Then the duet began and as the refrain started the same singer began to try to vocally drown out the other singer – the singer was loud, then they competed for who would have the last vocalization at the end of each phrasing… it was painful to watch !
Lesson- never compete in art both parties usually lose and the audience most certainly does.
Can anyone tell me why it takes this–
to trim this—
I recently bought this,
and no longer wake neighbors, smell or pay for gas  or wait to fill my container at the pump, I love it!!! (today’s technology is 1000 percent better than say a 1960 hand mower lighter, shaper blades and doesn’t get caught in high grass!  )
Happy trails…
See full size image
Ugarte: You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust.
FROM www.imdb.com and the movie Casablanca
Thanks to Google for Images

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Poetry Pit Stop – Electronic Leashes

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “





She carried an electronic leash

wherever she went

it SAID to her—

” Hello ”  how’s trix?,who said, she said, said what?, said when?, it can’t be, did you buy the tea?

the days went by

her ear became sore-

he said ?

she said ?

said what ?

said when?

it can’t be!

did you buy the tea?

the sun rose …

and the sun set…


pretty soon

her life was near its end,

her electronic leash SAID-



she took that electronic leash jumping out of her bed,


ran down the street and to the river’s edge

and as it SAID— he said, she said, said whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


it hissed as it sank below the surface,


She sat at the river’s edge thinking, and winking at the fish as they swam by

soon a canoe glided near inquiring if she needed a lift to Kalamazoo ?

she  paddled away with her new friend-

no one ever heard of her again…


Some say she finally finished that novel of her’s and spent her time dancing in travelling gypsy shows,


but no one really knows…




Image Courtesy of Google


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Teeny Weeny Quiz! Are You Earth Based Or Sky Based?

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Answer this question,

Did you ever see a falling star?



If the answer is no…you are earth based!


If the answer is yes… you are sky based!


Happy Tuesday…

FROM Wikipedia
Photo of a part of the sky during a meteor shower over an extended exposure time. The meteors have actually occurred several seconds to several minutes apart.
A meteoroid is a sand– to boulder-sized particle of debris in the Solar System. The visible path of a meteoroid that enters Earth’s (or another body’s) atmosphere is called a meteor, or colloquially a shooting star or falling star. If a meteor reaches the ground and survives impact, then it is called a meteorite. Many meteors appearing seconds or minutes apart are called a meteor shower. The root word meteor comes from the Greek meteōros, meaning “high in the air”.

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PGM Riddle Time – 5/19/10

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “ 


Riddle # 1 


“At night they come without being fetched, And by day they are lost without being stolen.” 


Riddle #2 


  1. What has a dark side and a light side, and holds the universe together?


 Mystery riddle 


#1 The Case of the Archaeological Dig  

“I’ve finally earned my place as assistant curator of the museum”, said Bob Hobbie to Max, the chief administrator of the Belgra Archeological Museum. “I moved West of the Pakistani dig site and we’ve just unearthed some wonderful coin artifacts.” 

“Why did you start digging in a new location?” asked Max. 

“One of the local villagers told me that, for many generations, his family had passed down a legend of a lost village and he found a map among his father’s things,” said Bob. “His father recently passed away”, he added. “The villager followed the map and led me to this site on the condition that if we discovered anything of value he would be paid one thousand dollars”, explained Bob. 

“And what is it that you found buried,?” asked Max. 

“It’s just terrific,” exclaimed Bob, “we found 3 gold coins of various sizes dated 400 B.C., and after properly dusting them off I found them to be in excellent condition.” “I quickly paid the villager to complete our verbal contract and keep him from trying to claim a portion of the discovery,” concluded Bob. After considering for a few moments, Max told Bob that when he returns home he should look for another job!! 











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More Smiles…

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “







Artemisia just ended her thumbscrew session and she IS laughing inside. 



Madame Marie is amused she just discovered radioactivity, 


Annie had a hard time cracking a smile but not a rifle,




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