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Indicator Species They Are Speaking To Us Now… So Listen

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There is a way to measure how healthy the environment/earth you live in is.  One of those options is by tracking “Indicator Species”.   There are a wide variety of species from mammals to amphibians who we can monitor to see into the future of or planet.

Frogs and Bats are two of the best indicator species because they easily absorb the chemicals and pollutants in the eco-system through their skin and mouths.

That is why it is disturbing to note that both of these species are in decline world wide.

Two things you can do right now today, is stop using accepting plastic bags, use a reusable cloth bag -there are many options available  at most places you shop.

This will stop the leaching of the chemicals from the bags as they decay in landfills and the ocean.

Eat locally grown meat and try to eat less meat. ( you don’t have to suffer to do this, eat pasta one night, eat black bean soup and chips with guacamole the next…the variations are endless (see” Diet for A Small Planet” for recipes and a through discussion of the effects of too mush meat being consumed. ) 

This will cut down on the huge amounts of waste pumped from factory farming into our rivers. And the meat is cleaner and safer to eat.

It is not a question about, is this happening, it is a question of what are you going to do about it – it is truly is in your hands , you can save the planet by changing consumption choices.


After all the  corporations, the rich will just keep spending time thinking of ways to fatten their bank accounts on the backs of the common person, they won’t suffer if the planet collapses – they will always have what they need.   It is us, the bottom 2/3 of the populations and our children who will endure the effects of a dying planet. 

So make an effort take a small action to save the planet.




Note: Diet for a Small Planet is a book by Frances Moore Lappé presenting her theory of “Complementary Protein” sources in the human diet. As the eight essential amino acids making up the “complete proteins” found in meat are each present to various extents in a range of plant sources, the theory maintained that eating plant foods in “complementary” combinations combine proteins would be equivalent to those found in meat, to meet human nutritional requirements.

The bestselling first edition, published in 1971 by Ballantine, was sponsored by the Friends of the Earth organization. Besides the book’s promotion of vegetarianism, its underlying orientation emphasized a responsible use of the Earth’s resources. The book includes recipes based

Lappé also brings to light the fact that to produce unit weight of protein in the form of beef or veal, we must feed 21 units weight of protein to the animal. Other forms of livestock are slightly less inefficient, but the average ratio in the U.S. is still 1:8. It has been estimated that the amount of protein lost to humans in this way is equivalent to 90% of the annual world protein deficit.[citation needed]           FROM WIKIPEDIA


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