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Comey Firing In A Nutshell

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The reaction after Comey released statement 11 days before the US election was to take place.


Michael Mukasey, who also served as attorney general under George W. Bush, said,

“This wasn’t Comey’s call. It is not his function as director of the FBI to decide who gets charges and doesn’t. It’s his function to gather evidence. And he didn’t fulfill that function very well.” Mukasey also said,

“I don’t think he should have been in this fix. I don’t think he should have put either himself or the bureau or the Justice Department in this fix.” Bill Weld, a liberal Republican and former head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division in the Reagan administration as well as two-term governor of Massachusetts, now running for vice president on the Libertarian ticket, called Comey’s letter to Congress “disgraceful.” As for Democrats, Eric Holder, Obama’s first attorney general, under whom Comey had worked as FBI director, said, “Good men make mistakes. In this instance, he has committed a serious error with potentially severe implications.”


In a major development on Wednesday afternoon, both Chuck Schumer, the next Senate Democratic leader, and Nancy Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, no doubt recognizing that Comey responds to pressure, had at him. Schumer, whose possible Senate leadership may have gone down the drain and who had once championed Comey, said,

“I do not have confidence in him any longer,” and called the decision to send the letter “appalling.” Schumer, who doesn’t have a light touch, said that after the election he wants to have a talk with Comey. Nancy Pelosi said, ominously, “Maybe he’s not in the right job.”


Harry Reid, the retiring Senate minority leader,

charged that Comey had violated the Hatch Act, a law that prohibits executive branch employees from participating in electoral politics.

In a letter to Comey, also intended for the public of course, Reid wrote,

“In tarring Secretary Clinton with thin innuendo, you overruled longstanding tradition and the explicit guidance of your own Department. You rushed to take this step eleven days before a presidential election, despite the fact that for all you know, the information you possess could be entirely duplicative of the information you already examined which exonerated Secretary Clinton.”


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Part of Elizabeth Drew’s continuing series on the 2016 election.

November 3, 2016, 2:13 pm
But then on Friday, October 28, FBI Director James Comey’s vaguely worded letter to leading members … a good argument the public should know about it. But on Monday, The New York Times reported that the agency hasn’t …

James Comey





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Richard Holbrooke’s Assessment Of Bush’s Policy Of Eradication Of Poppy Crops In Afghanistan

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Over the last years of  President Bush’s tenure a policy of eradication of the  heroin producing poppy crop in Afghanistan was employed through the technique of spraying chemicals over farms with poppy crops.

Millions of dollars were wasted because the percentage of crops destroyed had no effect on the Taliban and related Al Qaeda groups who were still  able to make all the money they needed for their operations.  A by- product of Bush’s policy was the  alienation of  local afghan communities against the United States efforts to be seen as a trusted partner in the rebuilding Afghanistan after the war.

Mr. Holbrooke is the Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan, his implementation of President Obama’s new policy which ends eradication of crops and replaces it with interdiction of the kingpins of the poppy trade and their business centers where the heroin is processed and sold,

 combined  with-

a new set of agricultural programs to restore Afghanistan to it’s former days of being an agricultural exporter of goods to the region is a  smart solution.  The products Afghanistan’s farmers previously exported included pistachios wine olives and over 80 percent of the worlds raisins.

This new plan has already shown signs of progress in US -Afghan relations, so let us congratulate Mr. Holbrooke and his efforts to repair relations in the region.

Email Mr. Holbrooke and let him know you appreciate his efforts!  (see below) 




Richard Holbrooke

Assumed office 
January 22, 2009


www.new-ag.info  for info on Afghanistan’s agriculture


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Hamas Art And Peace, There Is A Reason Why Dictatorial Rulers Always Try To Silence The “Elite”

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There is a reason why the so called elite (writers artists media people)  are the first to be quashed when dictatorial styles of governing take hold.  They understand that an idea, a voice, a sentence can take their government down.  Keep people in fear and you have control over them – complete control.

If the public are shown the fissures and cracks in the leaders facade through comedy sarcasm and simple truths of the  ludicrous nature of their actions through paintings, articles, slogans, insights and plays  their power recedes in the public eye and an opening forms where new political ideas and actions can take place.


So the news that Hamas has decided to take on the people that they disagree with through the creation of a culture of resistance” using plays, movies,poem collections and art competitions INSTEAD of rockets, (only 2 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last month the lowest since 2002!), is a welcome change.

Ayman Taha former fighter and Hamas leader said “We have a new emphasis on cultural resistance, the fighters need a break, the people need a break.”  Thanks to Ethan Bronner for  news details from article in NY Times Friday July 24 2009, “Hamas Shifts From Rockets To Culture War”.

This common sense reaction to war will prove to be the best move that the palestinian people could make at this time.


Peace is in the air, can you feel it?









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