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The Solution To All This Hacking

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Have a hard copy of all vital info or better yet do not put it on the internet!!!

The internet since the PRIVACY changes by Google etc has become unreliable andd prone to hacking because the safeguards have been removed so everyone and their mother can spy on you to get data by  following your meanderings around the internet!!

Corporations –collect data (info) about you to send ads to you

NSA etc– collect data to  fill their data centers with haystack surveillance info (data)

and it is all connected to the lose of privacy rights ie the right to be free —not to be stalked listened to watched as you go about your daily activities.

So until we regain our freedoms to be left alone—put nothing on the net–

The loss of privacy rights made it easier for hackers and others to get into systems –Privacy matters Freedom to freely associate matters!!

Why are vital systems such as hospitals on the internet???–they should have hard copies too.

The world ran very well without use of the internet.








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