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The Imbibment For the Fourth I just discovered it! Like a lost Egyptian Pyramid…

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Here it is-

3 scoops of mint choc chip ice cream

Douse with tequila (pour over)

take mint leaves pulverize ( throw on top)

dust with cocoa powder

place straw in with spoon and have at it



Then listen to Frank, Sinatra of course, Summer Winds

The summer wind, came blowin in – from across the sea
It lingered there, so warm and fair – to walk with me
All summer long, we sang a song – and strolled on golden sand
Two sweethearts, and the summer windLike painted kites, those days and nights – went flyin by
The world was new, beneath a blue – umbrella sky
Then softer than, a piper man – one day it called to you
And I lost you, to the summer windThe autumn wind, and the winter wind – have come and gone
And still the days, those lonely days – go on and on
And guess who sighs his lullabies – through nights that never end
My fickle friend, the summer wind

then The Lady Is A Tramp,

She gets too hungry for dinner at eight She like the theatre and never comes late She never bothers with people she hates That’s why the lady is a tramp
Doens’t like crapgames with barons or earls Won’t go to Harlem in ermine and pearls Won’t dish the dirt with the rest of the girls Tha’ts why the lady is a tramp
She like the free fresh wind in her hain, life without care She’s broke and it’s oke Hates California, it’s cold and it’s damp That’s why the lady is a tramp
She gets too hungry to wait for dinner at eight She loves the theatre, but never comes late She’d never bother with people she’d hate That’s why the lady is a tramp
She’ll have no crapgames with sharpies and frogs And she won’t go to Harlem in Lincolns or Fords And she won’t dish the dirt with the rest of the broads That’s why the lady is a tramp
She loves the free fresh wind in her hair Life without care. She’s broke but it’s oke Hates California, it’s so cold and so damp That’s why the lady. that’s why the lady That’s why the lady is a tramp 

Now I am off to watch The Mystery of the Egyptian Tomb a Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie

then that novel of mine that novel of mine, I am bound and determined to take it to the mat!


Hercule PoirotDavid Suchet - Poirot.png
David Suchet as Hercule PoirotFirst appearanceThe Mysterious Affair at StylesLast appearanceCurtainCreated byAgatha ChristiePortrayed byDavid Suchet
Peter Ustinov
Albert Finney
See belowInformationGenderMaleOccupation

Private detective

 · Retired Detective
 · Former Police officerReligionRoman CatholicNationalityBelgian


Francis Scott KeyBornAugust 1, 1779
Carroll County, Maryland, U.S.DiedJanuary 11, 1843 (aged 63)
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.NationalityAmericanEthnicityEnglishOccupationPoet, lawyer, district attorneyReligionEpiscopalianChildrenPhilip Barton Key IIRelativesPhilip Barton Key, uncle
Francis Key Howard, grandson


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Iraq and Afghanistan Soldiers Art /Poetry Slam, Session 21

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Good evening,

I gathered some quotes for this session,


The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.
Patrick Henry, speech in the Virginia Convention, 1775

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.
Benjamin Franklin, (attributed) at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

Having been poor is no shame, but being ashamed of it, is.
Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richards Almanack, 1749

Without Freedom of Thought there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as Public Liberty, without Freedom of Speech.
Benjamin Franklin, writing as Silence Dogood, No. 8, 1722

“Driven from every other corner of the earth, freedom of thought and the right of private judgment in the matters of conscience direct their course to this happy country as the last asylum.”
Samuel Adams, Speech, 1776

Your love of liberty — your respect for the laws — your habits of industry — and your practice of the moral and religious obligations, are the strongest claims to national and individual happiness.
George Washington, letter to the Residents of Boston, October 27, 1789


See you next Saturday

Please send any thoughts or ideas to shivazzzzz@aol.com and I will post or use comments area, thanks,


www.ivaw.org Iraq Veterans Against The War

www.iava.org Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

www.veteransforpeace.org Veterans for Peace


 This Slam will continue until all our soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

 BJ Halliday Crawley     Editor


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Flash Story: Security Tales From America, (Bush Era Reflections)

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog Flash Story”



Juniper paid for her poppyseed bagel ladened with herb scented cream cheese and gathered her water with lemon and cream colored coffee that held a melting pile of Hershey kisses at the bottom.

She proceeded to the check out counter and paid a paltry fee for her food.  Rounding the corner of the cafeteria  she heard the matron say, as ahe adjusted her red hair net,

“You need a tray to carry all that ,Missey.”

Looking over her shoulder she said,  ” I’ve got my system down.”

The workers sneered as she moved down the hallway.

” You know,” They muttered to each other, “she dropped her bagel last week.”

“Yes  and I saw that and called security…just to be sure.  You never know what a bagel dropper like her will do next.”

” Yes, it is wise to be prudent.”


Juniper sat down at her desk, sipped her coffee and dreamed of a braver day.”



“Fascism is when Goverments and Corporations join forces to govern, WE THE PEOPLE”

  Sub- prime loans anyone?


Note:  Fascism, pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/, comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology[1][2][3][4] and a corporatist economic ideology. [5]               FROM WIKIPEDIA



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