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Flamingo Road ( flash story challenge)

” A Pale Pink Flamingo Mermaid Blog “

Flamingos were scattered over the parking lot. and the interior of her dodge dart.  She stood in the doorway steaming. ” How did that strap break? Now I’ll have to repack all to those  flamingoes by tonight if I am to make it to Syracuse tomorro,”  She began picking up the plastic birds…” ” Hey,” shouted a guy pointing at her coming from the Stoned Mermaid Club,” I remember you…..”  She turned as he got out of his yellow camaro….

you finish the story!!!

Chevrolet: Camaro CAMARO

Love those vintage cars!

and have a fab weekend!!! 

 Thanks to wiki for fotos!


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Fuego Says—– My Favorite Cat Tips

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

5 things that cats love that cost next to nothing

Wax paper balls ( squish tight ball, small better, toss, they are basically dogs when it comes to chasing)

Food on china plates (Never plastic its a tongue thing!)

Water in old coffee tub, fresh daily a must! (plastic ok here, the size 2 lbs 2.5 oz, tall enough that they do not have to bend down – fill to very top , after all who wants to bend down to drink? really!)

Cardboard box on side put fluffy towel in it, (long enough to stretch legs out,cozy cubbyhole! )

Piece of wood, prop up one side to get long stretch and scratch ( log from outside or lumber wood but very thick pine if lumber)

Lettuce chopped small, dusted with brewers yeast (Good for teeth and tummy)


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Shout-Out To Jam- Rock Radio WPRB!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


WPRB Is one of the few stations that has retained the flavor of the early FM radio, where Disc Jockeys play what they want say what they want, it is like sitting in a room with a good friend of yours that you don’t know!

Love the music and chit-chat, some absolutely cool music interesting format.


Pale Green Mermaid Seal Of Approval granted!

Check out online www.wprb.com


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Concerning The Recent Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster, Or as I prefer calling it, NESSIE!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Here is the pic, in case you have not come across it,

ht loch ness creature inset nt 120814 wblog Scottish Sailor Claims To Have Best Picture Yet Of Loch Ness Monster

If you look at an enlarged view of this foto, as I have, you can see to the right as you look at the foto- a series of wakes poss. from the animal trying to slow down it’s forward progress which is exemplified by the diagonal water patterns, on the left side of the animal.

If you look at the enlarged image you can see through shaded patterns a backbone and the top of a leg muscle on the side of body facing the camera.

Now, I make these assumptions from a cursory review, if the foto could be enlarged, then with the brightness of the foto adjusted it would be evident, or not, as to whether my assessment is accurate.

The foto appears to be a digital image  which is box-like when enlarged, if the foto was a silver foto you could enlarge it and see the light patterns much more clearly (A dot based image).

If someone would do this I believe we could put this puppy to bed! (puppy being -question does the Loch Ness Monster live!)



What does “put to bed” mean?

 Complete something and either set it aside or send it on to the next step, as in We put the magazine to bed at ten, or They said they’d put the whole project to bed at least a month ago. This expression, transferring nighttime retirement to other kinds of completion, was first applied to a newspaper, where it meant “send to press,” that is, start to print. [Mid-1900s]
See www.yourdictionary.com for further info
UPDATE August 22, 2012,
To reiterate with the new image-
Here is my emphasized image of the one taken, I did not alter the image other than to saturate the color already there and play with the grey scale, the black and white already in the picture,
If you enlarge this foto you will see when I saturated the colors there that the body is a warm reddish color, the very backend is a cool green as in the neck where it enters the water – if you look at the edge of the hump it looks to me like a backbone and it is cool in color as skin over bone is, and near the back there is an indenting of the form where the leg would meet the bulk of the body,
it appears to me as a dense 3-D form-
now look at the water patterns around the form, you can see several wakes coming out from the form in different directions.
To me ,I see wakes that show it was moving forward then was trying to slow down to do something,
let me know what you think!
and above all have some fun with it ! -I feel it is a foto of some animal form ” elementary my dear Watson!”



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Barnes Foundation Remembered ( The Original Home )

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “



Albert C. Barnes was an interesting and unusual person.  How can I tell when I never met Mr. Barnes? Because he left behind at his estate a record of his heart and mind put together with class and grace and a respect for the history of art and a rebellion against the established art community.

I visited his estate many times while it existed in Merion, Pennsylvania a suburb outside of  Philadelphia, like the Wharton Esherick residence and  Fonthill ( both homes of artists that were left for the public to experience), the encounter with an artist’s home created out their spirit and based on their ideas about art and life takes you into another world where the visitor can see and learn on many levels.

Its removal from Merion was regrettable and against Mr. Barnes wishes, for what was lost is his intricate  sense of combinations and connections between high art and low art and art from different time periods.

When you walked inside there was a sense of time standing still, also you never felt that you could not linger  in front of any wall filled with his personal choices.  You could see places where something was put up then moved, it was as if he was still there around the corner, watching you enjoy his presentations.


Room 11, east wall
To me he was saying yeah this is a great painting but it is just a painting and see how well it goes with this iron work or sculpture ?it was a democratization of art, a statement against the glorification of art and codification of art that happens in many museums.  Also it was eye level and below or just above so the works were wholly accessible.

Once again I realize that I  lived through a golden age of museums ! When you could go to the Barnes foundation and see all manner of impressionistic painting (one of my interests at the time) or to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and pick up a professionally printed copy of a painting on heavy paper for 25 or 30 cents! 

 So this post is about thanking Mr Barnes, for that experience and to tell him that although his work has been removed and taken down  from the walls of his residence—his ideas and beliefs about art will live on forever in my mind and  in books and pieces written by others, about what you created for the world.

Thank you, Mr. Barnes and all those who sought to keep his estate intact.

I will miss that type of experience as everything unique tends to be generalized homogenized…..but WAIT  we can all create something as Mr. Barnes did, whether big or small that  fights against the wall of homogeny that the global market inevitably produces by reducing everything to what everyone will like, look at the poor tomato– I rest my case.

So, in closing I ask everyone across the globe to make something that you can leave behind for posterity so that in the future someone will write or think or speak about you and the loss of your work.




Wharton Esherick Studio




A working class Philadelphian himself, Dr. Albert Coombs Barnes established the foundation in 1922 to “promote appreciation of the fine arts” among the common man. Over the years, the Barnes Foundation has procured one of the most noteworthy collections of early French modern and post-impressionist paintings in the world. Works by artists like Renoir, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso and Rousseau are part of the collection.
Merion and Philadelphia,PA 

Location:Doylestown, PennsylvaniaCoordinates:40.321158°N 75.122902°WCoordinates: 40.321158°N 75.122902°WBuilt:1908Architect:Dr. Henry C. MercerArchitectural style:Mixed (more Than 2 Styles From Different Periods)Governing body:PrivatePart of:Fonthill, Mercer Museum, and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works (#85002366)NRHP Reference#:72001094Significant datesAdded to NRHP:June 1, 1972[1]Designated NHLDCP:February 4, 1985[2

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Frugal Cool – How To Do It!

HOW to stay cool

take one ice cube put it on your underarm put arm down this will cool your whole body

take one ice cube place on throat where large vein is rest there this will cool head

take one ice cube place on inside of wrist hold there this will cool arms

if you have a porch sprinkle it with water this will cool back of house ( same in front) if no cover over porch less effective

buy a hand fan, sit in the shade with a iced drink

HOW to make an iced drink -fill glass with ice to overflowing THEN and only then pour liquid over, this will produce a meld of icey imbibement,

sip sip

sip again!

water feet with watering can or hands periodically- this really works!

I don’t particuarily like AC air, the noise the dead weight of the air, ( and save the planet’s resources by ignoring AC) so I search for other ways to stay cool.

At am and night use exhaust fan to pull in cool air by 8 am shut all doors windows the house will or should stay cool

buy ice cream eat it, I REALLY LIKE THIS remedy!!!!!, take shower when you can’t take it any more!!

sleep in a pajama made in vietnam seriously I bought one then 2 more, the material has little ( if it is a summer PJ) holes for extra air flow in the patterning that provide the most comfotable summer PJ I have ever found, all cotton of course I think it is because they live in a tropical zone!

But don’t drink too much water don’t do what my old dog pickle did…..

it was a dark and stormy night…wait it was a hot summer day, not unlike today, I was out in the yard and the sprinkler was on low watering the hedge I went to move the sprinkler to the next section of hedge when I came upon my pickle puppy he was prostrate on his back and he looked like a root beer barrel with legs??!!! he had waterlogged himself !!!! and he was still trying to lick the sprinkler with his tounge ! So beware you can only drink so much even if you are hot!

Oh pick you were a great dog miss you! He was a dog pound special.

So in closing I say embrace the heat don’t fight it !

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The Andy Griffith Show Was A Replication Of The American Dream Come True

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


I will miss not having Andy Griffith in this world,  his characters Andy Tayler, the sheriff in Mayberry and  Ben Matlock  defense lawyer, crystalized to me what any type of law enforcement or security person should exemplify – if every homeland security officer, air port security person, every police officer of any rank would be required as a matter of training to watch all episodes of these two series they would be tempered with a feeling of respect for the general population and a skill packet on how to deal with the varieties of humanity.

Great shows

great characters

great writing

great actor and American.

Thanks Andy!

What a guy!

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