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Dr Scholls UFOS And The Mysteries Of Life

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A pair of ” Classic”  forest green suede schools arrived at my front door.   For 15 years my formative years I wore Dr Scholls sandals no socks summer, 3 pairs socks winter and if need be… a pair of converse sneakers graced my feet occasionally.

Around 28 the wooden platform shoes became harder and harder to find so I grudgingly gave them up.


Looking down at the box my now calloused feet jumped, I grabbed the box throwing packing here and there until a pair of wooded beauties lay before my eyes.

I slipped my foot into the shoe not unlike cinderella before the ball then the other and almost immediately I began to spin, twirl on my heels and click that wood together —it was as if my feet were laden with waiting memories.

The spin reminded me of  slipping on the wooden slats  of a bench 11 at night trying to get a better look at my first and only UFO, as I craned to see, it swooshed to just above my head and stepping back my wood scholl get caught in one of the slats…

The swirl reminded me of twirling around after hearing Bruce Springsteen- yes that B. Springsteen yell ” Get them out of here!”  All you could hear were my scholls’ clomping erratically down the hall, he was quite volatile in those days pressure of BTR I suppose… Me and my two springsteen seeking  cohorts vamoosed our way around the college until we managed to get to the Gym hoping that we wouldn’t be asked for tickets —  we weren’!

And finally the click. Scholls’ wooden bases naturally hit each other so you could make a heil hitler click at a moments notice!   I was reminded that whenever I and my friends got ourselves into a fix I would click the heels together and say ” There’s no plaace like home there’s no place like home” ala ruby shoes of Judy Garland,

I could bore you with more but I  have to get out of the house and see what adventures I can scurry up! 

Do something today that you did long ago and try to remember who you were and all that youthful exhuberance, it still comes in handy as the sun fades for our generation.


 Try to leave the best parts of you behind when you go.  ( we are all going to go, some sooner some later so face it!)


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Song of The Week / “Cheap Thrills” Janice Joplin and the Holding Company

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JANIS JOPLIN and The Holding Company – “Cheap Thrills”

Instrumental ( vocals guitar drums)


Whoa (many) whoas

yeah yeah (many)

come on (many) come on


gonna knock it to ya ,rock it to ya , sock it to ya , come on oh yeah

then a little operatic sing fest at the end 


 Whoo doggie! Man oh man ,oh man ,oh man, I haven’t heard that in a while! what a song, what a great song!

no lyrics all instrumental , listen to it – ya gotta before you die!


you’ll see what I mean  that song is what rock at its best is all about – Janis Joplin was a great singer it is the quintessential song of its time for me, it captures the energy and feeling of that time – If a sentence could mirror that period it would be  ” What the f— was that? I don’t know but it was great!”

Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin, San Jose, California, 1968
Background information
Birth name Janis Lyn Joplin
Born January 19, 1943(1943-01-19)
Port Arthur, Texas, U.S.
Died October 4, 1970 (aged 27)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genre(s) Blues-rock, hard rock, psychedelic rock
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, arranger
Instrument(s) Vocals, guitar
Voice type(s) Alto[1]
Years active 1963–1970
Label(s) Columbia
Associated acts Big Brother & the Holding Company
Kozmic Blues Band
Full Tilt Boogie Band
Website http://www.officialjanis.com/

Thanks to Wikipedia for image

Peace, and I mean it!


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