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Poem – ” Walking “

 ” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “
He’s waiting,
He’s looking,
He’s watching,
He’s finding,
the light within himself
that secret primordial elf.

Cushy seat redux
his anger sits elsewhere-
places where no one stares
muscle flush
cushy redux
my life in flux.
Elvis’ 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood 60
Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi in Graceland
Manufacturer Cadillac
Parent company General Motors
Production 1955
Class Full-size luxury car
Body style(s) 4-door sedan

Images Courtesy of Wikipedia


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Art, Rough Around The Edges Is What Makes It Real

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


A small  piece of art that is from the ether, heart the essence of who that spirit is makes a vibration that clouds around and through the expression of that piece which then connects to the viewer.  That sense of awe or wonder that art can create is a physical manifestation of that  wave, tone, color feeling. (Hogwash you say? Perhaps -read on anyway)

Never listen to anyone who tries to tell you can or cannot do something in the arts.  only by attempting to conclude your aspiration will you ever know if it is possible , more importantly, is it what you saw or felt in your mind , does it make sense to you? 

If it does then there is a reason for it existing in this world and it contributes.

So anyone whether you are in your 40th year in the arts or just beginning, do it – take that jump into the unknown, you might surprise yourself!

Peace and Happy Art Making  


 The fun of life is falling flat on your face and having a great good laugh  while you get up…again and again…


(I love this disc)




I wanted you. And I was looking for you. But I couldn’t find you. I wanted you. And I was looking for you all day. But I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t find you. You’re walking. And you don’t always realize it, but you’re always falling. With each step you fall forward slightly. And then catch yourself from falling. Over and over, you’re falling. And then catching yourself from falling. And this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time.


Now that reminds me of one of my many fantasies, to see Bruce Springsteen and Laurie Anderson collaborate on an album, They are very similar, at the center of their music -so this is me making a blind date between Bruce and Laurie – come on guys, it’s a great idea!







Images from Google

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Meatless Tuesday – South Street Spanish Fries !

“A Pale Green Memaid Blog”



Take 2 potatoes  Slice into strips

Take a red pepper slice into strips

Take a white onion large slice into rings

Flop all into a large pan (Heat oven to 350 degrees)

Pour over all – 1 tab. oil , Louisiana hot sauce , sprinkle with vinegar, stir a bit.

into oven 20 min – 30 min  (watch can cover)

 Place in player ” Death On The Nile” DVD Agatha Christie story lots of actual shots of pyramids tombs, great cast Bette Davis, David Nevin, Mia Farrow! 


Have a glass of Port and wait, 

Take out of oven ,cover with salt and pepper and you have Spanish Fries!


And you just saved a tiny piece of the planet!


( sun-dried tomatoes optional)



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Musical Artifacts – Clint Eastwood-Gorillaz / William Tell Overture-Rossini

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog” 

Lone Ranger

This pair of songs, have in common- one thing…after you get done listening to them you feel like you’ve ridden a horse! 

 One  a slow sunny trot, the other a do- or- die gallop, listen they capture the essence of riding and are 2 WOW! musical presentations.


Ooo ooo ooo ooo
I aint happy, I’m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long the future is comin’ on

I aint happy, I’m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long the future is comin’ on,
It’s comin’ on, It’s comin’ on, It’s comin’ on, It’s comin’ on

Yeah, ha Ha HA!
Finally someone let me outa my cage
Now time for me is nothin’ cuz I’m countin’ no age
Nah, I couldn’t be theirs, now you shouldn’t be scared
I’m good at repairs (s’all simple), and I’m under each snare
Intangible (aww dawg), I bet you didn’t think so, I command you to
Panoramic view (you),
Look I’ll make it all manageable
Pick and choose (hmph),
Sit and loose,
All you different crews.
Chicks and dudes,
So who you think is really kickin’ tunes?
Picture you gettin down in tha picture tube,
Like you lit the fuse
You think it’s fictional?
Mystical? maybe
who appears in you ta clear your view (yeah) when your too crazy
to those a definition for what life is
To you because I put you on the hype shit
You like it? Gun smokin’.
righteous with one token.
Psychic among those,
Possess you with one go.

I aint happy, I’ m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long the future is comin’ on

Iint happy, I’ m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long the future (that’s right) is comin’ on,
it’s comin’ on, it’s comin’ on, it’s comin’ on, it’s comin’ on

The essence, the basics,
Without it you make it
Allow me to make this
Rhythm, you have it or you don’t
That’s a fallacy.
I’m in ’em
Every sprouting tree, every child apiece
Every cloud and sea
You see with your eyes,
I see destruction and demise
Corruption in the skies (that’s right)
From this fuckin’ enterprise,
Now I’m sucked into your lies
Through Russel not his muscles but percussion he provides
With me as their (say what) guide
Y’all can see me now cuz you don’t see with you eye
You perceive with your mind
That’s the inner (fuck em)
So I’ma stick around with Russ and be a mentor
Bust a few rhymes (mmm mmmm) so mother fuckers remember
What the thought is
I brought all this, so you can survive when law is lawless(right here)
Feelings, sensations that you thought was dead (yup)
No squealing, remember that it’s all in your head

I ain’t happy, I’m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long the future is comin’ on

I ain’t happy, I’ m feelin glad
I got sunshine in a bag
I’m useless, but not for long my future is comin’ on
it’s comin’ on it’s comin’ on it’s comin’ on it’s comin’ on
My future is comin’ on,
it’s comin’ on, it’s comin’ on,
My future is comin’ on
it’s comin’ on, it’s comin’ on,
My future
(chirp chirp chirp)


William Tell Overture  MUSIC         Rossini   SONGWRITER


The overture to the opera William Tell, especially its high-energy finale, is a very familiar work composed by Gioachino Rossini. There has been repeated use (and sometimes parody) of this overture in the popular media, most famously for being the theme music for the Lone Ranger radio and television shows, and it is quoted by Dmitri Shostakovich in his Symphony No. 15. William Tell was the last of Rossini’s 39 operas, after which he went into semi-retirement, although he continued to compose cantatas, sacred music, and secular vocal music.



Clint Eastwood, Last heard  on www.radio1045.com,  104.5 FM, Philly, PA ,On DJ Wendy’s Show

William Tell Overture, last heard on www.wrti.org  90.1 , Philly PA, FM Morning show, Classical, Jazz


BAND  Gorillaz      www.gorillaz.com  Virtual Band



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Musical Artifact “Happy Birthday Guadalupe ” Killers

A Pale Green Mermaid Blog (Returns…Shhhhhhh)

This song has a mariachi band horn section and cutie pie real man lyrics ( what is a real man any way?) and a few surprising segues to boot. Check it out!

 Angels, Mexico, candles and a mariachi band – now, really what else does one need at Xmas time, I ask you????

Image from Wikipedia
( please excuse technical difficulties )

Merry pre-Xmas !!


The Killers – Happy Birthday Guadalupe Lyrics

Well I woke up Christmas morning and what did I see?
I saw a lovely señorita looking back at me
Named Guadalupe, with big brown eyes
Boy what did you do this time?

Made my excuses and a beeline for the bedroom door
She was beggin’ and a-pleadin’, screamin’, “Por favor,
Mi cumpleaños, stay with me,
Baby it’s cold outside”

We are livin’ in a difficult time
We’ve been walkin’ down a difficult line
Put your feet up baby, it’s Christmas time
Cumpleaños feliz
Happy Birthday Guadalupe

(Our time will come)
(We both hold on)

She gave me coffee and tortillas to console my head
Prepared the slippers on my feet before she made our bed
And blew the candles from her favourite cake
And we kissed beneath the mistletoe

I pulled her body close to mine and I had just one chance
I whispered, “Baby will you marry me for just one dance?”
Infatuation, the things you say
I got scared and I left that night

‘Cause we are livin’ in a difficult time
We’ve been walking down a difficult line
Put your feet up baby, it’s Christmas time
Cumpleaños feliz
Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Deck the halls with rosaries
Wish upon a Christmas tree
Silent night please come to me
Bearing gifts from my… my Mexican angel

At night I wake up cold and lonely, bustin’ at the seams
She haunts the early morning hours of December dreams
My Guadalupe, with big brown eyes
I wanna break the spell tonight

‘Cause we are livin’ in a difficult time
We’ve been walkin’ down a difficult line
Put your feet up baby, it’s Christmas time
Cumpleaños feliz
Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Happy Birthday Guadalupe



Last heard on www.radio1045.com    shout out to DJ Johnny!

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Hamas Art And Peace, There Is A Reason Why Dictatorial Rulers Always Try To Silence The “Elite”

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


There is a reason why the so called elite (writers artists media people)  are the first to be quashed when dictatorial styles of governing take hold.  They understand that an idea, a voice, a sentence can take their government down.  Keep people in fear and you have control over them – complete control.

If the public are shown the fissures and cracks in the leaders facade through comedy sarcasm and simple truths of the  ludicrous nature of their actions through paintings, articles, slogans, insights and plays  their power recedes in the public eye and an opening forms where new political ideas and actions can take place.


So the news that Hamas has decided to take on the people that they disagree with through the creation of a culture of resistance” using plays, movies,poem collections and art competitions INSTEAD of rockets, (only 2 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last month the lowest since 2002!), is a welcome change.

Ayman Taha former fighter and Hamas leader said “We have a new emphasis on cultural resistance, the fighters need a break, the people need a break.”  Thanks to Ethan Bronner for  news details from article in NY Times Friday July 24 2009, “Hamas Shifts From Rockets To Culture War”.

This common sense reaction to war will prove to be the best move that the palestinian people could make at this time.


Peace is in the air, can you feel it?









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Friday Night Gallery Chat, Ancient Egypt,Tut-The Child King

“A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”


Good Evening, Egypt is one of the most bombastic sites for art, their dynasties reined for many centuries and during that time the production of art was tied up with religion daily life and the government.  It was a way of living that all parts of society engaged in  passionately, producing some of the most enduring and distinct images all with a common structure and pathos.

Below is a foto of the pyramids at Giza, no can really say, even to this day, how they were built but the beauty is unquenchably obvious,

The pyramids of Giza are among the most recognizable symbols of the civilization of ancient Egypt.

Below is a typical wall painting- look at how the parts of the body are stylized (made to look similar)

The pharaoh was usually depicted wearing symbols of royalty and power.


And of course Tut, Tutankhamun to you! The find in 1922 of his tomb loaded with the riches meant for his journey in death caused a sensation across the globe called egyptomania. Mummies were sent back to  Europe for mummy parties where they unravelled the corpses  looking for the amulets that were wrapped in the endless folds of linen,

Images from Wikipedia

Tutankhamun coffinette

 Think of ways that you could incorporate art into your daily life as the egyptians did.

Have a fireworks filled weekend!


BJ Halliday Crawley written in heiroglyphs below,

In a Cartouche  (heiroglyphs) (Update: Cartouche image worked last night! Wiil try again but check out site below and get yours!)

Generated at Hieroglyphs.net.  Check out your own name at  www.hieroglyphs.net

Note: Cartouche – An oblong figure containing royal or divine names.

Stylized – using aartistic forms to create effects not natural.

Egyptomania – Refers to the post pharonic  fascination with ancient Egypt.  


Tutankhamun – Egyptian Pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty 1333 BC- 1324 BC

 Amulets -Aan object that protects you from trouble.



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