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ECO-LIFE IDEA / Napkins, Tissues, Paper Towels How To Reduce Amount Used And Save $ and Trees!

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I don’t know about you but I could go through a box of tissues, a stack of paper napkins and a roll of paper towels in one week! (Allergies /spilling things!) 

I became tired of buying those items and reflected that in my grandfathers time ( he grew up in the depression) they did not have those products they used rags and washed them …so I began my quest to reduce my paper usage and waste.  The items I found  to be the best as a replacement are listed below:


For tissues I use handerchiefs, an inexpensice version (And colorful) is the bandana  – they have them in the dollar store, AC Moore or Walmart in a variety of colors.

For paper towels I use Microfiber cloth  because of their ability to collect a large amount of liquid  ( better than paper towels!)  ( the dollar store carries a great version of this item!)

For napkins I bought cloth napkins  Just wash and reuse (you can get 2 large cotton ones for a dollar at the dollar store)

 (the best way to wash -and quickest is to put in sink with water and soap and rinse then  hang up to dry!)

 You will be amazed at how much your trash waste is reduced!



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