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Coffee !

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The easiest cold-brew coffee recipe needs 1/3 cups of ground coffee and 1 1/2 cups of water. Mix both thoroughly and let the mixture brew in the refrigerator overnight. All you need to do the next morning is to sieve the mix and sweeten it according to your liking. It’s ready to be used in any way you want.

For the coffee float, place a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a large coffee mug or glass. Pour in the chilled coffee. Watch the ice cream scoop rise up to the top. You can add a pinch of cinnamon powder or chocolate shavings if you want. Or double the ice cream scoop if the weather is too hot.
Thai Coffee
Take 4 tablespoons of coffee powder and 2 teaspoons of ground cardamom (elaichi) powder. Brew the coffee in 3 cups of water in your coffee filter. When the coffee is ready, add sugar according to your taste and stir till it dissolves. Let the coffee cool down.
Take one large coffee glass and fill half of it with crushed ice. Pour in the brewed coffee. Top with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream and sprinkle some more cardamom powder on top.




You can't face Mondays, or the week, without these 3 easy coffee recipes
Another Monday, another week to deal with, …






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How To Be Happy 1950’s Style!

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Drink strong coffee all day long then at night have beer and fried chicken!! Or for those concerned about the planet and who isn’t? tofu and veg tempura and beer!

So throw away those meds toss your devices in a basket and enjoy a sunset with a picnic basket filled with beer and tempura on a blue checkered tablecloth!!! followed with a piping hot cup of java heavy on the sugar and cream!!!



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So I was….. (series)

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So, I was at a local quick-stop store, which shall remain nameless, and I was looking over the massive display of containers filled with different titled javas when I came across a sign in fairly small print that had approx 30 lines of text.

I read it. I said to my self ” What a bunch of gobbley- gook, what does it actually say?

My decifer follows ” We will be watering down your coffee yet again.”

And it was true!

Have a great week and happy java hunting, finding a full-bodied cup a’ joe these days is  close to the search for the Lochness monster….


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Dead Stars And Your Latte !

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Coffee, to brew or not to brew

From http://www.dwnews.com below,


It really is possible to make coffee using cold water, Terzi insists. Cold percolated coffee takes an entire night to brew, but is supposed to be easier on the stomach.


Like many others, the E61 is spring-operated. This means the coffee is brewed at a controlled but variable pressure: initially high, when the barista pulls the lever to compress the spring, gradually declining as the spring releases. Controlling the pressure is key to creating a good espresso.

Water being boiled on a tiled surface in the Terzi cafe's coffee lab

The general assumption is that a small cup of espresso is stronger than a long coffee – but that isn’t necessarily the case. “Caffeine can melt very easily in the water, so in the first five or 10 seconds you extract all the caffeine from the coffee,” Terzi explains.


But a short coffee is more easily digested than a longer one, because in the beginning you extract only the good substances from the coffee.” After that, he says, if the coffee keeps on brewing, it starts to release other elements as well which are not so desirable.


I brew mine quick then stir and let set all day in grinds using a mesh strainer to pour each cup – this way I get 3 cups of  flavorful strong iced coffee and brew only once.

Happy brewing!


All the world’s gold came from collisions of dead stars, scientists say


Researchers have new evidence that gold comes from the collision of neutron stars.


“We can account for all the gold in the universe from these collisions,” said Edo Berger, astronomer at the Harvard-Smithson Center for Astrophysics. Berger spoke about these results, submitted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, at a press conference Wednesday.


“Smash two of them together at close to the speed of light and you can expect fireworks,” Woosley said.


“The gold and platinum in our rings as well as the uranium in our bombs and reactors are little pieces of neutron stars that merged in our galaxy long before the sun was born,” Woosley said.


This same gold from space became part of the formation of Earth and the rest of the solar system, including the sun.


Gold that was present in the Earth’s formation sank to its core. But we have gold that can be mined closer to the planet’s surface because meteorites brought it later, according to a 2011 study in the journal Nature. More than 200 million years after the planet was formed, a shower of meteorites hit and brought with them gold, which stayed in the planet’s mantle.


So that gold necklace you have on is a little piece of a star sent to you from the cosmos with love,


Have a great weekend!


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