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Solar Power, Prizes, Clean Water And Billionaires

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Clean power and clean water are two of the biggest problems that the world faces with the population  expanding over the earth.

If we were able to put a man on the moon, then we collectively can surely figure out a way to produce both innovations.  Since all the $ is at the top (recently created billionaires ) they as a group or individually, can offer monetary prizes to any individual that invents a way to-

process undrinkable water so it is clean

or make solar power a more consistent and inexpensive product.

Now, how can they do this without losing money but, as an added plus,  gain prestige?

Simple as pie!  Take say 1 million out of your multi millions and invest it in a stock that gives a good return – such as a utility, something that will always be needed and used by the public making the company stable longterm,

then take the interest from that 1 million and give it away in prize competitions !

The multi- millionaire retains his principal, his/her personal money invested, and inventors across the globe get a chance for moolah and the notariety of helping the world to become be a better place!

So this is a call out to all you billionaires!! Have some fun and plant some prizes out there and see how they grow into wonderful inventions that will put smiles on the faces of people across the globe.

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FORECLOSURE Aid, The Answer To Reversing The US Economic Downturn (and maybe the world’s downturn as well)

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The problem across the US is lack of revenue. 

Foreclosures are still happening at a unprecented rate. ( families are thrown out, houses sit and decay( I am judging this by my own neighborhood and what I have read), who benefits? short-term,the large investment banks through foreclosure fees)

Foreclosures are at the heart of this financial crisis because HOMES were used by the large investment banks as the key component of the so-called toxic derivatives  (risky) ponzi-like investments that they sold nationwide to investors.

What we are seeing now is the attempted cleanup of those investments  by banks by foreclosing and collecting the foreclosure fees RATHER than readjusting  the sub- prime loans (mortgages)

Why are the banks who offered these credit card loans  ( high interest loans, loaded with fees) not readjusting the loans as President Obama hoped, by lending them money from the government with low-interest rates ?, ( his mistake was not to make the loan of the money dependent on the use of the money i.e. only to readjust mortgages)

because they can make  more money collecting foreclosure fees. ( as one bank official said)



This is not my idea I heard it on NPR (National Public Radio) long before the general public knew of the crisis but experts saw the impending problem and were offering solutions.

It was an official from the Reagan administration and the Carter administration.  They said- offer a 4% mortgage readjustment across the board, to anyone that has a mortgage, those caught up in the crisis and those who were not.

VIOLA it is the answer, fair play- a democratic solution! banks were helped ( bailout)

now citizens should be helped and the resulting revenue will easily turn the economy around,


because communities would stabilize, citizens would stay in homes and the flow of money from those homes  would be going into every nook and cranny of this great land.

The only party that would take a small hit are the banks that created the crisis, –long-term the banks will prosper as would the communities themselves.


All citizens who have been foreclosed upon or are in the process of being foreclosed  or are in the pipeline of subprime loans to be foreclosed upon, need to organize into a lobby

yes, a lobby which is a group that forms to discuss a single issue with congress, and lobby to have all citizens be offered a 4% mortgage rate.

Think of all the jobs that will be created,  paid for by the banks ! One expert early on said there are not millions of these bundled mortgage loans not billions but trillions.

So it can be done, all we need is one person to start this process ?

PEACE and any volunteers?


A great advocate below from www.wikipedia.org see for more info –

ACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) is a Boston, Massachusetts (US) based, national, HUD-certified, non-profit, community advocacy organization. NACA’s primary goal is to build healthy neighborhoods nationwide through affordable home ownership. The organization was founded by Bruce Marks, a former Federal Reserve Bank of New York official, in 1988. The non-profit’s two major programs are its Purchase Program, labeled “America’s Best Mortgage”, and its Home Save Program, highlighted by NACA’s wildly popular “Save The Dream” events.

Save the Dream and American Dream Tours

To reach and help a maximum number of suffering homeowners, the telephone and internet based Home Save Program developed its “Save The Dream Tour” concept, taking the Home Save program on the road, effectively setting up mobile servicing centers on its tour stops. The first “Save The Dream Tour” event was held July 19–23, 2008 in Washington, DC at the Capitol Hilton Hotel. More than 20,000 homeowners attended. Each event averages five days and routinely sees 30,000 homeowners seeking mortgage help.[9]

Representatives of the major servicers who have signed agreements with NACA are also on hand at Save The Dream events, providing same-day solutions for many homeowners on-site. Major breakthroughs with government backed investors such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been realized, with their representatives in attendance at Tour events also.

By the end of 2011, NACA had produced 55 “Save The Dream Tour” events, having visited especially hard-hit areas such as Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, South Florida and Los Angeles more than once. NACA’s eleven-day “Save The Dream Tour” event in Los Angeles, California January 20–30, 2011 was the largest foreclosure prevention and mortgage modification event in U.S. history.[10] Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa addressed homeowners, volunteers and NACA staff at the event, expressing his astonishment and appreciation for the work NACA is doing and emphatically inviting NACA back for a fourth L.A. Save The Dream Tour event.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speaking to homeowners at NACA Save The Dream Event

The event even drew the attention of the Hollywood motion picture community, with an admiring film crew creating a brief documentary of the event, talking with both homeowners and NACA staff members, including CEO Bruce Marks, about their Save The Dream Event experiences.

Save The Dream Los Angeles documentary

NACA began 2012 with its first ever “American Dream Convention” January 10–15 in Atlanta, GA. Every NACA staff member from all 40 offices across the country was in attendance for three days of training, plus a massive combined “Save the Dream” and “Home Purchase” event, with live, face-to-face counseling taking place all six days.[11] The combined event provided to be so successful that the organization renamed their tours “American Dream” events and now bring both the Home Save and Purchase programs to each event. Reportedly, NACA plans to conduct a record 42 “American Dream” events in 2012.

Bruce Marks, NACA Founder and CEO speaking to homeowners at a NACA Save The Dream event.




Go Ahead, Make Me

I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it.

Franklin D. Roosevelt
Comment to a group of reformers. His point: Until they lead the way, they shouldn’t expect leaders to follow.

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Word Cloaks – Poem

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A vagrant was found

he died

in a burned out

foreclosed house

no one knew why-

it was cold that night

in his forties

a vagrant died

in a burned out

foreclosed house

a vagrant was found

trying to keep warm

he died.

Once a man with money and friends

now he is a vagrant

a vagrant

a vagrant

a human bring—minus…money and friends,

a vagrant.

he was once a man—

now he is a vagrant

found dead

in a burned out

foreclosed house.

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Solar Homes In San Diego, CA Lead The Way

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Solar-izing your home is the next green trend – it helps to save the resources of the earth and will create millions of new PERMANENT green JOBS!  See article below,


FROM www.getsolar.com

Annual Tour to Showcase San Diego Solar Homes

Posted by GetSolar Staff in Saturday, October 2nd 2010   under: Solar Homes, Solar Industry News    Tags: , ,    

The 15th Annual National Solar Tour, the world’s “largest grassroots solar event,” is set to kickoff today across the country as solar-powered homes and businesses will open their doors to the public. Sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), the tours showcase how photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar hot water systems can help cut electricity bills and reduce reliance on carbon-based sources of energy.

One of the nation’s largest solar tours will take place in San Diego, California — one of the nation’s leading cities in solar power deployment. Over 5,000 homes, businesses and schools will be showcased, as the California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) and the San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) have joined forces to bring attention to the solar revolution happening in this southern California municipality.

If you live in the San Diego area, don’t miss out! Tours last from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. today. Those interested will be able to gain valuable information about how to install a solar energy system and the amount of savings one can expect once the system is in place. Nationally, 5,500 solar-powered buildings will be showcased with the intention of turning more people on to the possibility to installing a system. It has been estimated that, within the next 5 to 6 years, 11 million homes across the United States will be solar-powered.

FROM www.getsolar.com


  Go Solar, Go Solar—


Image Courtesy Of Google

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Poem – ” Foreclosure “

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Foreclosure, foreclosure,

one in 45 across the nation,

Foreclosure, foreclosure,

the Big banks thrive and hoard their cash,

a secret little stash,

it was meant to lend,

but they refuse to bend,

so when those big bad banks retire,

they can aspire,

to a life of less than dire – floating down a river in a inflated golden tire…

Foreclosure, foreclosure,

one in 45 across the nation.



US Foreclosure Rate 2010

January 14, 2010 by Josh Groesbeck  
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During 2009, almost 3 million homeowners receive a minimum of one foreclosure filing.  This is a new record.

It is reported by Realty Trac, that 1 in every 45 which is 2.8 million households were in default in 2009.  What does 2010 hold for the foreclosure market.

I think that the US foreclosure rate in 2010 is going to move up.  Let me tell you why.

us-foreclosure-rate-2010Look at the chart to the left.  You can see that all of the foreclosure trends are still moving up.

I have talked to a lot of homeowners that may not be behind in their payments, but they have lost a ton of equity and now are upside down and there are more and more people that are just walking away from homes that have lost money.

From Boise Idaho area website www.homeswithjosh.com

also check www.realtytrac.com  for current info on Foreclosure rates in the US.


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Jesus And The One Drop Theory

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Now the Jesus I am talking about is the walkabout, everyday Jesus, the gadfly who strolled into temples and if he did not like what he saw caused a ruckus and tough luck to the powers that be.

He was a,


Outcast- from his  peers in society ( except for his twelve homey’s and a few gal-pals  named Mary )

Reject of society, basically that lived on the fringes of his community, referred to as having a screw loose by his family and acquaintances.

Watched by the local authorities being  considered a troublemaker and non- income producing individual.

Yet, he contributed to society in his lifetime one of the most important treasties on how one could live their life and think about their own personal existence.

He died in the way most common criminals were put to death during his time . 


He was one drop. 

During his lifetime he questioned  the point of his life and existence – but his passion, his message of (compassionate ) love being the most powerful force in the world  resonated after his death and spread across the philosophical and religious  landscapes of this planet.

Do not ever forget as you move through life working on the projects that interest you, that if there is a struggle, if  you are ridiculed or dismissed,  there is a reward in working for the greater good and you may never know in this life time just what your one drop means to the world at large.


So search for that one thing that  no one else sees, no one else is attending to, and make your mark in this world… all it takes is one drop,

it might be  part of a wave of change.



As Jesus said – “You walk in mists of darkness, which is the heritage of this realm, but inside, you have a light which burns. This will light your way.”


Subjects for further reading and research  Gospel of Philip, Gospel of Mary, Gnostic movement 1 century AD,  Jesus in his own words, Gospel of Thomas,


The Sun Sun symbol.svg
The Sun seen through X-ray

Image from Wikipedia


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Analytical Thinking And Sherlock Holmes

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“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?   Sherlock Holmes to Watson. From “The Sign of Four”


In these days of false information being promulgated as fact, it is wise to take the time and think about how to come to a conclusion, how to think analytically and deduce fact from fiction.

I have always reminded myself of the quote above when I am at an impasse in my reasoning, and it has shown me a way to clarify and finalize my assumptions.

Another quote,

“It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and the lawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysterious individual. You know my methods, Watson. There was not one of them which I did not apply to the inquiry. And it ended by my discovering traces, but very different ones from those which I had expected.”          Sherlock Holmes from ‘The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”

Always look carefully at what someone is saying their tone, where they choose to speak, and whom they choose to speak to.

An example of the tone can be seen when Sarah Palin recently gave her opinion on  the so called “death panels” as being “evil” , even if I did not know that the death panel slogan was never used in the health care bill, I would question the usage of the term evil and suspect that the speaker was trying to engender a strong reaction in me, rather than state their opposing case or opinion.

As Sherlock Holmes says, look carefully at what is being said to find “the traces” the subtle signals that we all give out as human beings.


And finally have no presupposed conclusions  – think with an open view and if a surprising element shows itself you will not dismiss it. 

Then you will be able to say to your friends as they wonder at your impeccable perceptions on life , “It is quite elementary my dear Watson!”




Basil Rathbone

from the trailer for the film Tovarich (1937)
Born Philip St. John Basil Rathbone
13 June 1892(1892-06-13)
Johannesburg, South African Republic
Died 21 July 1967 (aged 75)
New York City, USA
Years active 19211967
Spouse(s) Marion Foreman (1914-1926)
Ouida Bergère (1926-1967)

Basil Rathbone, MC (13 June 1892 – 21 July 1967), was a South African-born British actor most famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.       Image from Wikipedia

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Dollar Store Tip!

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This  is a new series of sporadic DOLLAR store tips, Whenever I come across a great product I will pass it along to you, my readers, your there aren’t you?

So here is the first tip ,


Anyone who likes body wash ( I use it just the same for bubble bath)  They are selling a  nifty new brand called, 

Perfect Purity 

18 oz  (which is a good amount, not your puny squeeze bottle that lasts 3 bubble baths-  did I say I LIKE BUBBLES!)

The flavors are Lemon Grass Grapefruit or Pomegranate Mango.  

Ooooo la la and the wash keeps it’s bubbles not like some brands where you toss it in the tub, leave  to let the tub fill up and by the time you return your back to plain old unexciting water!

So to recap 18 oz, great scents, bubbles everywhere aaaaaaand one, uno, single DOLLAR!   

Have a great Monday!



You can buy online  but it is more fun to look around! Dollar Tree seems to have taken over many of the smaller chains but if there is no Dollar Tree near you just stop by the local one!



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Saturday Night Flash Story “Micro – Moo”

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Theresa  pressed the final disconnect on her five way conference call.  She sipped the recently delivered mocha-lime frappe.

“Miss Upland.”

Turning she saw Featherstone.  Leland Featherstone.  The big cheese.  The boss of bosses.  She stared at him with her mouth agape.

” Wipe that froth off your lips Miss Upland.  I want to talk to you in my office.  Now!”  He turned knocking over a freshly alphabetized  set of files.

Theresa gazed at his departing figure and decided to take another sip making sure just a fluff of froth remained on her lip.  She stood up, straightened her satin plum suit and walked slowly to Mr. Featherstone’s green office door.

Mr. Featherstone’s office was located at the end of a yellow hallway where, periodically, red overhead light fixtures cascaded pools of pale mauve fluorescent light.  Her orange fake snakeskin boots clicked their way, Armageddon like , to her destiny.  Walking swiftly she tripped, rip went the edge of her skirt which had attached itself to the wall – her body continued its tumultuous trajectory, finally slamming against Mr. Featherstone’s office door.

The door made a small creak,then drifted open.  Theresa peered around the corner as she pulled up the netting of her fuchsia colored fishnet stockings.

Mr. Featherstone glanced back at her.  She straightened her skirt  and focused her discombobulation.

” You really need to fix that loose piece of tile ,” she said staring at the well polished gleaming floor.

” Close the door Miss Upland, and try not to cause anymore destruction.”

Theresa pulled the gold knob snapping the door behind her.  Mr. Featherstone absentmindedly gestured to the purple chair opposite his grey desk.

” As you know Miss Upland.”

” Ms. Upland, if you please.” 

” Let’s not start that again… now, there has been some, how shall I say this…”

” Please be frank Mr Featherstone,”  said Theresa still adjusting  her homemade couture.

“Allright, Mr. Shaumbaum believes you have been pilfering Micro- moos.”

” Micro- who?”  Theresa said moving uncomfortably in her chair.

” Micro- moos.”  Mr Feathertone said abruptly.

”  You are going to have to be clearer – please, relate to me the whole allegation.”

”  Mr. Shaumbaum has let me know we have a deficit, a rather large one of Micro-moos…the creamer packets…in the staff kitchen.”  He blurted.

” Oh.”

”  He has made an allegation and I must respond.  Now, we cannot let this fester, first a moo then a…”

”  But Mr. Featherstone, I don’t even  use Micro-moos as you call them, I send out for my…”

” Now Miss Upland, an accusation has been officially and as I said, made by a credible source and I as supervisor must respond.  So you are, as of today, on restricted access to the Micro-moo container – until – we see if the drain continues.”

” But…”

”  Dismissed Miss Upland.”

She reminded herself of her new motto, “Do not fight stupid fights”, so she shrugged her shoulders and said.  ” I reiterate I am Micro-moo free.”

Mr Featherstone waved her off.

She closed the door behind her mumbling, ”  The indignities that one must endure to earn a paltry paycheck.”  She was determined not to allow this Micro-moo gate incident  to cast a cloud over what was otherwise a minimally annoying day.

She clicked back down the hallway.

“Pssst…Theresa…Pssst.”   The office door of Henrietta Bogel, executive assistant, was halfway open.  A hand gestured for Theresa to come inside.  The beckoning finger clutched in its palm a cluster of Micro-moos.

She stopped, looking side to side, thinking – I don’t want to get further involved in this Micro-moo gate, but she was intrigued.   She straightened her jacket and walked inside.

It was Henrietta attached to those Micro-moos.  ” Shhhh. ”  Henrietta said, pressing her face inches from Theresa’s chin.  ”  They suspect you?  Good, by the time they figure out what is happening I’ll be in South America.”

”  Henrietta what is all of this about you don’t even drink coffee, if I remember correctly.”

” Forget that, It is superfluous, don’t you understand – don’t you see?”

” Henrietta…”

” It is the principal of the thing.  I’ve been here for thirty years yet , after my retirement party I received a notice – I wasn’t even told in person. ”  Henrietta opened the drawer of her desk file cabinet and tossed the creamers in.  Theresa watched as she struggled to close the drawer, jamming the edges of the moos behind the metal plate, quickly she sealed the drawer with tape.

” So you are the one…”  Theresa held the side of her forehead.

” Clam up Upland, and listen.  I will be getting eighty percent of my pension – eighty percent.”

” But Henrietta, how are non dairy creamers involved in this?”

”  I am going to drive Featherstone crazy.  I have two weeks left.  I am striking back.  No, I say no Micro-moos will be available for Featherstone’s morning cup of java, not while I am still here.”  Henrietta thrust her freckled finger in the air.  ” Power to the…”

Theresa slinked around Henrietta and quickly exited.

As she walked down the hallway she thought about life, death and the meaning of Micro-moos.






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The Chicken Or The Egg Which Came First? The “Toxic Assets” or the “New Investment Instruments ” Who Should Be Blamed?

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I could be wrong,  but as far as I can see  from what I have read and heard ,

it is the so called “New Instruments ” ( investment products that were sold to the public by banks) that are the problem,

because they have produced the ever popular “Toxic Assets ” which no one wants to buy,

Now the toxic assets are investment products that are no longer producing  income

now why aren’t they producing income?  because the new investment products used for collateral, mortgages,

but they sold mortgages to people using predatory lending practices as used by credit cards, these practices we are all familiar with, one mistake and your payments balloon  and there are fines and fees all over the place.

then they stuffed all these  mortgages, sometimes 200 , into the  new investment products


1.these investment products were not regulated by the Bush administration, they ignored rules on the books at the time, and also loosened existing lending practices .

2. A ponzi like scheme was produced where everything worked so long as the banks could keep selling the products to investors.( and with the lax lending regulations it was endless)

3. when the housing bubble broke, as the banks knew it would, the scheme fell apart

4. as home owners started missing payment their fees and monthly payments skyrocketed


but instead of refinancing the mortgages at a lower rate that the owners could afford the banks refused and are still refusing to accept the lower income from the new instruments, they would prefer to be bailed out by the government .

The big investment banks created the faulty investment products and should take the hit for selling the public risky investments.


they should start refinancing the mortgages for all who can afford to pay 1/3 of their income in monthly payments, so owners can retain their houses. ( this will slow if not stop the downward spiral we are in)

Currently the large investment banks are refusing to lend or refinance except in a few circumstances.

The chicken or the egg? I think it is the chicken i.e. the NEW BANKING INSTRUMENTS that caused the problem – these practices should be outlawed.


Saving the homes of our fellow citizens is the first step in what will be a long process… a commentator on NPR said there are not millions of theses toxic assets but trillions!


As Sheila Bear said  “it’s the mortgages stupid.”


Let’s hope for some Peace and economic justice.


Note: Sheila Bear , F.D.I.C .Chairman

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One Million, One Billion, One Trillion – 99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall, 99 Bottles Of Beer, Take One Down And Pass it Around, 98 Bottles of Beer on the Wall…Numerically, What Does it all mean?

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One thousand, thousands =One million

so, if you have a case filled with one thousand beers, and  buy one thousand of them,

you will have one MILLION  beers


One thousand, millions=One billion

so, if you have a case filled with a million beers, and buy one thousand of them,

 you will have one BILLION beers


One thousand,  billions =One trillion

so, if you have a case filled with one billion beers, and buy one thousand of them,

you will have one TRILLION  beers


No, we are spending 300 million a day in Iraq how can that possibly be , when soldiers do not have what they need

before they go,

when they get there,

and when they retire.. .Something is very wrong.

Did you know that the pentagon is not audited like other government agencies and one year they could not account for ONE TRILLION dollars?

When the Bush administration asked congress for money to be spent on the war, they always stated we must support our troops – yet our troops do not have what they need, so where is the money going?

We need a full accounting of how the money, in Iraq, was spent and is being spent today. That lost trillion would come in mighty handy during this financial crisis.

Spread some economic peace by questioning  the amount of money spent for war.


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Dust Bowl Economics Revisited: Where was Bush When the Winds Began Blowing?

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In the  1930’s and 40’s during the ‘great” depression as opposed to the “lousy “depression we are in now (I decided to name it since most people still refer to it as still a recession: WAKE UP, IT IS A DEPRESSION) there was an area of the country they called the dust bowl because the land had dried up and the ensuing winds and dust drove farming families out from their homes,  it was partly caused by bad government policies and land speculators..Sound familiar.

It appears to me that the same thing is happening now but it is the swirl of foreclosures not dust driving the population out on to the street.

About a year ago houses in my neighborhood started dropping like flies, for sale signs popping up all over the place and now  – the jobs are disappearing,  in a downward spiral. 

This isn’t a bunch of greedy people borrowing money they can’t pay back , they were sold

refinancing packages similar to predatory lending practices that the credit card companies are allowed to use, except this time you lose your house if you miss a payment. 


One in 10 homeowners are not given the opportunity to refinance their mortgage loan if they get into trouble.

1 in 6 houses across the country are in some state of foreclosure.

The economic engine of this country ( the bottom 2/3 of the population) is being starved by the fat cat policies of the Bush administration (which are still in place) who gave a big fat cat check of 350 billion not million, BILLION to the investment banks and they in turn were suppose to start lending to us, the skinny cats.

They did not.   

If that 350 BILLION, not million had been given to the skinny cats it would already be circulating in the economy because we , the skinny cats, have to spend it to survive.

So a possible solution…

(Skinny cat, bubble up economic policies need to be the chant of the day.)


 1.  Put in place a moratorium on all foreclosures for 6-12 months.  (In that time refinance all the mortgages that can be refinanced, at a lower affordable rate .  The problem the big banks are having is with the so called “toxic” loans, if the loans are no longer ” toxic ” and are paying a return, albeit a lower rate , the need to prop up the banks should lessen)

2.  Put Some TARP money into the  small banks so they can lend immediately. ( they are lending even now because they were not involved in the mortgage bundling schemes that the larger banks made money off of.)

3.  Rescind the Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent and give those tax cuts to the bottom 2/3 of the economy.  (IE. the economic engine – the skinny cats! we know how to spend it and invest it)

We need to do this now , not in a month, now…

So skinny cats unite, let us raise our voices up to the big whigs in the congress and tell them the time  to move was YESTERDAY – at least we have Obama on our team now…

so call congress and create some skinny cat peace of mind!

TEAM SKINNY CAT… GO!!!     Obama, Obama, Obama Obaaaaaama!


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