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Jung, Gnosis, Love, Elvis and Reality TV Shows

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” Your vision will become clear

only when you look into your own heart.

Who looks outside dreams’

Who looks inside awakes.


– Carl Jung, Letters, Volume I


” The Greek word hamartia, usually translated ‘ sin’, comes from archery and simply means  ‘ to miss the point ‘.  The greek word metanoia, usually translated ‘repentence’, means ‘ to change perspective ‘.  So sinning isn’t disobeying some set of divine regulations. 

It is simply missing the point.  And repentance isn’t giving yourself a hard time or toadying up to some judgemental God.  It is simply seeing things from a different perspective. “


The Laughing Jesus, Religious Lies And Gnostic Wisdom  – By Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy



Now to awaken yourself from the dream ( drama of life) I recommend that next time you watch a reality TV show, watch it as a morality play on what happens to people who are trapped in a bubble of emotion unable to look outside events and see the fun of life ,the point of life- to see beauty and express compassion –

then step outside yourself again, and ask yourself why…are you watching ?

Reality TV shows are corporate programming’s version of a deep-fried peanut butter and banana  sandwich dipped in chocolate.   ( they ruin your mind)

With apologies to Elvis!  I’m sure if he were here …he would agree as he munched his fav. sandwich!

A peanut butter and banana, sometimes referred to as an Elvis sandwich or simply the Elvis, consists of toasted bread slices with peanut butter, sliced banana, and fried bacon. Honey is sometimes included. The sandwich is frequently cooked in a pan or on a griddle.



( I know there is a leap of logic in this post but I think it works! )



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The July Fourth Definitive Imbibement

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It was cold it was dark, the troops had been at it for years this was their last chance to surprise the hessions  and turn the tide of the war, this is a little known secret -but on that voyage across the Delaware, as every tuber of the Delaware knows is no easy feat —anyway, on that crisp night into morning voyage George, Washington that is, had pressed secretly in his vest a little imbibement to keep his back straight as his crew manuevered between the chunks of ice

 and I have his secret recipe in my posession… … … 

madeira wine ( or any inexpensive red)

blueberries  fresh squeezed, ( or rasberry liquer)

ice cold delaware water ( or 7 up)


and chill by dragging aside a wooden row boat in the dead of winter (or pour over chipped ice)

optional sprig of  fresh lavender swished in glass


drink until you reach Trenton…



Remember freedom doesn’t come easy but once you achieve it you are home free!!!




TUBERS! No imbibing while tubing you will have enough to keep track of  -did you ever hear of the cousin of the Lochness monster? the Franklin-a sarus?… yes yes so watch out!
Early American history
Full-length portrait of a young man seated at a table. He wears a finely tailored dark suit, knee breeches with white stockings, and a wig in the style of an English gentleman. He holds a quill pen in his right hand, and is turning the pages of a large book with the other hand.

John Hancock


Madeira was an important wine in the history of the United States of America. No wine quality grapes could be grown among the thirteen colonies so imports were needed with a great focus on Madeira.[3][4] One of the major events on the road to revolution in which Madeira played a key role was the British seizure of John Hancock’s sloop the Liberty on May 9, 1768. Hancock’s boat was seized after he had unloaded a cargo of 25 pipes (3,150 gallons) of Madeira and a dispute over import duties arose. The seizure of the Liberty caused riots to erupt among the people of Boston.[5][6]


Madeira was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, and it was used to toast the Declaration of Independence.[3] George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams are also said to have appreciated the qualities of Madeira. On one occasion, Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail, of the great quantities of Madeira he consumed while a Massachusetts delegate to the Continental Congress. Chief Justice John Marshall was also known to appreciate Madeira, as well as his cohorts on the U.S. Supreme Court. A bottle of Madeira was also used by visiting Captain James Server to christen USS Constitution in 1797.

Thanks to Google for Images

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Blog – Think / Take A Breather From Blogging And Think



~ Eckhart Tolle



Quotses from

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“Brooks Brother’s Brigade?” Did It Happen? Or Is It A Rumour?

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Hello, this post is in response to a readers question about the ‘ Brooks Brother’s Brigade ” and is it a rumour or real event.  What I googled is listed below so check it out!

From,–   (  )

Miami-Dade vote recount demonstration was staged

On November 22nd a violent demonstration occurred in Miami in protest to a recount of the Miami-Dade ballots. This demonstration was initially reported as a spontaneous outburst by local Miami citizens, due to Republican insistence that is was such, and shown on local and national television. This demonstration lead to the ceasing of recounts of Miami ballots.

It turns out that the demonstration was an organized Republican demonstration of party loyalists who were called to Miami (with all expenses paid) and organized to incite violence and disrupt the recounts in Miami, a heavily Democratic county.

The New York Times reported the event as follows:

“Further details are emerging about the riot  Wednesday that preceded the Miami-Dade County election commission’s decision to give up recounting the votes in the presidential election. As election workers sat counting votes, a mob screamed outside, pounded on furniture, tried to force its way into the building, surrounded a Democratic Party official, knocked two television cameramen to the ground, and kicked and punched several people, including a Democratic spokesman as he attempted to hold a news conference.”

In fact the violence was actually incited by New York Representative John Sweeney, who was involved in the protest.

The following picture was published in the Washington Post:

IMAGE did not copy , check website listed above or google – I googled this term to get to the link , Ny times 2000 election congressional aides recount!

This picture is a frame from the television broadcast of the event. The people in the picture have all been identified as Republican Party loyalists from outside of Miami.

1. Tom Pyle, policy analyst, office of House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.).
2. Garry Malphrus, majority chief counsel and staff director, House Judiciary subcommittee on criminal justice.
3. Rory Cooper, political division staff member at the National Republican Congressional Committee.
4. Kevin Smith, former House Republican conference analyst and more recently of
5. Steven Brophy, former aide to Sen. Fred D. Thompson (R-Tenn.), now working at the consulting firm KPMG.
6. Matt Schlapp, former chief of staff for Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), now on the Bush campaign staff in Austin.
7. Roger Morse, aide to Rep. Van Hilleary (R-Tenn.).
8. Duane Gibson, aide to Chairman Don Young (R-Alaska) of the House Resources Committee.
9. Chuck Royal, legislative assistant to Rep. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).
10. Layna McConkey, former legislative assistant to former Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R-Iowa), now at Steelman Health Strategies.

Texans Eye Replanting Lawn

In short, strings were pulled, and people were put on jets and flown to Miami in order to stage a fake local riot that used violence and intimidation to undermine the voting process with the intention of benefiting candidate George Bush.

For more on this see:  (Links do not work go to site to do further research!)

Update January 30, 2005:

Miami Riot Squad: Where Are They Now?

This page is a part of This War Is About So Much More which was written in March and April of 2003. This document should be read in the order that it is presented. If you are coming to this page from an outside source, such as a search engine, and you are interested in how this information relates to Operation Iraqi Freedom, then please start at the Foreword. In addition, if you have been directed here from an outside search engine then you may want to re-search this website with the same criteria because it is likely that this website contains additional information on the same topics.



COUNTING THE VOTE: MIAMI-DADE COUNTY; A Wild Day in Miami, With an End to Recounting, and Democrats’ Going to Court

Published: Thursday, November 23, 2000
  • After a furious demonstration by Republicans, Miami-Dade County election officials stunned both sides in the bitter contest for Florida’s presidential vote and decided unanimously today to end their recount of 654,000 ballots.

Tonight, the Third District Court of Appeals, in Miami, denied a Democrat attempt to overturn that decision. Democrats said they would try to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court.

Only hours before ending the recount today, the canvassing board had decided to count only the 10,750 ballots that had been rejected by computer tabulation for having no clear presidential selection. The move would have helped them meet a Sunday evening deadline imposed by the State Supreme Court.

But that decision set off the angry protest and board members themselves then concluded it would not be fair to recount only some ballots.

Today’s decision marked the latest turnaround for the board. A week ago, after a sample recount found only a six-vote change in favor of Vice President Al Gore, the board decided 2-1 against conducting a countywide recount.

Then on Friday, one board member, Judge Myriam Lehr reversed her vote in favor of the recount. She cited a Florida Supreme Court ruling that Broward and Palm Beach Counties could proceed with manually recounting ballots.

The recount began on Monday. By the time it came to end today, Mr. Gore had gained 157 votes with 99 of 614 precincts counted.

The canvassing board first voted unanimously this morning to proceed with the limited ballot count and scrap the results of two days of counting.

But Republicans fiercely opposed the change of plans, saying that unless a full recount was conducted, the public could not put trust the accuracy of the outcome.

”No shortcuts should be taken,” Bobby Burchfield,” a lawyer for the Republican party told the board.

But after hearing arguments from both sides, the board sent 50 ballot counters home.

Then before television cameras and angry Republican party supporters in front of the county building where the tabulation was being done, Representative John Sweeney, Republican of New York, said the board was influenced by the ”Democratic machine.”

As protesters chanted and waved Bush/Cheney signs, Mr. Sweeney pointed over his shoulder and said ”thugs in that building are trying to hijack this election.”

Outside the office of the election supervisor, where the board had planned to do the partial tabulation, outside of public view, protesters pounded on a desk, pumped fists in the air, surged toward the door anytime it appeared poised to open and yelled ”voter fraud” and ”let us in.”

Moments later, several angry Republicans, many of whom had acted as observers during the recount, surrounded the local Democratic Party chief, Joe Geller, in the lobby of the building and accused him of slipping a ballot in his back pocket in the tabulation room. Soon, about a dozen sheriff’s deputies surrounded Mr. Geller, as the crowd, which had quickly grown to more than 100 people, yelled ”cuff him” and ”busted.” Mr. Geller, as it turned out, did not have an actual ballot in his pocket but rather a sample voter card which board of elections officials said he had asked for to demonstrate how ballots were being counted. As the deputies hastily led him to safety, the crowd surged forward, knocking two television cameramen to the ground and nearly trampling them.

In another altercation, several Republican demonstrators shoved Luis Rosero, a Democratic spokesman as he was conducting a news conference. ”I was punched twice in the back and kicked once,” Mr. Rosero said. ”Everyone needs to calm down and relax. I think we’ve hit a new low point here.”

Mr. Sweeney, and several other Republican leaders eventually called for calm as well.

Shortly after the angry demonstration subsided, the board convened and announced they had abandoned the recount.

”We simply can’t get it done,” David Leahy, the elections supervisor and a board member, told the audience, looking exhausted and drawn from the day’s events. ”It was not so much a change of heart. It just became clear to all of us that the deadline could not be met.”

Mr. Leahy and the other board members, County Court Judge Lawrence King and Judge Lehr, said the process of considering each of the 10,750 uncounted ballots could take several days, and that Miami-Dade’s lawyers had informed the board that the likelihood was slim that the Florida Supreme Court would extend the counting deadline.

”We looked at all the difficulties, and it simply was not going to work,” Mr. Leahy said. ”We decided that it was going to be a full hand recount or nothing.”

In suing to get the recount resumed, lawyers for the Gore campaign said the board was violating the intent of the state Supreme Court, which ruled on Tuesday that the counts could go on.

”Nowhere in America — nowhere in democracy — do we ever want to say that every vote doesn’t count,” said John Hardin Young, a lawyer representing the Democratic Party.

Ron Klain, a senior adviser to Mr. Gore, said, ”From a legal perspective, this is no different from them deciding at 8 or 9 p.m. on Election night to stop counting votes.” Mr. Klain added: ”They agreed this count was needed and they triggered the count. Because they are not certain they will be able to finish is not a reason to stop the recount.”

Aides to Gov. George W. Bush of Texas said the board had bowed to the inevitable.

”I think the board must have searched their hearts deeply and changed their position when they realized that the results of the recount would not be deemed legitimate,” said Miguel DeGrandy, a lawyer for the Republican Party.

The Democrats’ latest legal appeal had posed a paradox. In initially asking for the recounts, the Democrats had asked the Supreme Court to let stand local canvassing board decision on the tabulations. But today they asked the appeals court to overturn such a decision.

Republicans, who had asked the high court to limit the boards’ discretion, would in this case have wanted it to uphold the board’s choice.

Chart: ”Stepping Toward a Recount Deadline” While the relatively small Volusia County quickly set to counting its ballots by hand at the request of the Gore campaign, Miami-Dade County started slowly and ultimately decided it would not have time to complete a full manual recount. Ballot data from Florida Division of Elections Broward: 588,007 TOTAL BALLOTS Miami-Dade: 654,044 Palm Beach: 462,888 Volusia: 184,153 Nov. 9 Gore campaign requests manual recounts. Tues, Nov.21 Florida Supreme Court rules that manual recounts under way must be accepted as part of final results. Sun, Nov.26 Deadline for manual recount submission. Chart give chronology of recount process, county-by-count


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Analytical Thinking And Sherlock Holmes

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“How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?   Sherlock Holmes to Watson. From “The Sign of Four”


In these days of false information being promulgated as fact, it is wise to take the time and think about how to come to a conclusion, how to think analytically and deduce fact from fiction.

I have always reminded myself of the quote above when I am at an impasse in my reasoning, and it has shown me a way to clarify and finalize my assumptions.

Another quote,

“It seemed to me that a careful examination of the room and the lawn might possibly reveal some traces of this mysterious individual. You know my methods, Watson. There was not one of them which I did not apply to the inquiry. And it ended by my discovering traces, but very different ones from those which I had expected.”          Sherlock Holmes from ‘The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes”

Always look carefully at what someone is saying their tone, where they choose to speak, and whom they choose to speak to.

An example of the tone can be seen when Sarah Palin recently gave her opinion on  the so called “death panels” as being “evil” , even if I did not know that the death panel slogan was never used in the health care bill, I would question the usage of the term evil and suspect that the speaker was trying to engender a strong reaction in me, rather than state their opposing case or opinion.

As Sherlock Holmes says, look carefully at what is being said to find “the traces” the subtle signals that we all give out as human beings.


And finally have no presupposed conclusions  – think with an open view and if a surprising element shows itself you will not dismiss it. 

Then you will be able to say to your friends as they wonder at your impeccable perceptions on life , “It is quite elementary my dear Watson!”




Basil Rathbone

from the trailer for the film Tovarich (1937)
Born Philip St. John Basil Rathbone
13 June 1892(1892-06-13)
Johannesburg, South African Republic
Died 21 July 1967 (aged 75)
New York City, USA
Years active 19211967
Spouse(s) Marion Foreman (1914-1926)
Ouida Bergère (1926-1967)

Basil Rathbone, MC (13 June 1892 – 21 July 1967), was a South African-born British actor most famous for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.       Image from Wikipedia

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My Comment On The Whole Gates – Crowley Debate

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“If  your thinking of being my brother, it don’t matter if you are black or white.

I’m not going to spend my life being a color”


Michael Jackson  (from song “Black or White”)






Note:  If you listen to that song, there is a whole little dissertation in there,  that covers all the main points of the current debate – so take a listen.

Thanks to wikipedia for image

Dissertation :  [noun] a treatise advancing a new point of view resulting from research; usually a requirement for an advanced academic degree

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