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Poemic Scanolograph Presentation

beauty for beauty sake
one spot of beauty

a bowl of roses


is worth

emanates more light

than a world- eons of

struggle and accumulation.




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Poetry Pit Stop – Electronic Leashes

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “





She carried an electronic leash

wherever she went

it SAID to her—

” Hello ”  how’s trix?,who said, she said, said what?, said when?, it can’t be, did you buy the tea?

the days went by

her ear became sore-

he said ?

she said ?

said what ?

said when?

it can’t be!

did you buy the tea?

the sun rose …

and the sun set…


pretty soon

her life was near its end,

her electronic leash SAID-



she took that electronic leash jumping out of her bed,


ran down the street and to the river’s edge

and as it SAID— he said, she said, said whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


it hissed as it sank below the surface,


She sat at the river’s edge thinking, and winking at the fish as they swam by

soon a canoe glided near inquiring if she needed a lift to Kalamazoo ?

she  paddled away with her new friend-

no one ever heard of her again…


Some say she finally finished that novel of her’s and spent her time dancing in travelling gypsy shows,


but no one really knows…




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Poemic Rumination – ” Called Back “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “





I didn’t seek this out

as it seems all the others did

grasping straining- to be …pushing shoving…

I looked for nothing but answers

you see, I was called back

forced to go back-

and look,

now that all the yelling screaming crying is done… … …


I wonder-

why me?

why ask me to do this thing

to shine this light,

I don’t like trouble

I look for  peace, friendship

yet everyone else drenches themselves in undo struggle,

why me ?

why was I called back?

asked  to reach out again

why me universe…

I really want to know.



Called back.




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Poem – ” Why War “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “ 



Why expect war?

why build weapons

why be # 1

in weapons sold

because of the gold?

We need a new plan-

a worldwide fan

that sweeps this globe,

Why not expect peace?

why not export peace

or we can lease-


using monetary grease.

Expect peace( not war)

From Wikipedia

This is a list of the ten countries with the highest defence budgets for the year 2008. The information is from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute [10]. Total world spending amounted to $1.464 trillion USD in 2008.

Rank Country Spending ($ b.) World Share (%)
World Total 1464.0 100
1 United States United States 607.0 41.5
2 People's Republic of China China 84.9a 5.8a
3 France France 65.7 4.5
4 United Kingdom United Kingdom 65.3 4.5
5 Russia Russian Federation 58.6a 4.0a
6 Germany Germany 46.8 3.2
7 Japan Japan 46.3 3.2
8 Italy Italy 40.6 2.8
9 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 38.2 2.6
10 India India 32.7 2.1

Expect peace  (not war)

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Visual Poem – ” Turtle Tattoo “





Turtle: nurturer, protector, mother energy

Many Natives refer to North America as Turtle Island, because their legends say that when the earth was covered with water, Turtle dove to the bottom of the oceans bringing up earth on its back so that the people could have a safe and dry home. Turtle is at home anywhere because it carries its home on its back. It does not become attached to places, for it is free to search for new opportunities wherever they may be found. When they sense danger, or are in uncomfortable and insecure settings, they withdraw into their shell, and are protected. If you have Turtle medicine, you value both the power of the earth, the waters of the earth, and the magic of the heavens, for Turtle symbolizes both the grounding quality of earth energy, and the magic of the mystical.


Since the dawn of tattooing, people have been marking themselves with the signs of their totem animals. On the outer level of meaning, they are trying to gain the strengths and abilities of the totem animal. On a more inner and mystical level, totem animals mean that the bearer has a close and mysterious relationship with this animal spirit as his guardian.


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Writing Poems – Talking About Art

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The other day as I finished writing a poem that seemed to be the end of a certain category/ subject  of  writing,  I thought

It’s like seeing a shootings star… it is gone in less than a second after you glance up in the sky, I wonder how many people even see falling stars, they are so ephemeral, brief –

it is the tail of that falling star that reminded of what it is like to try and catch the words /feelings/observations that fly through my mind as I sit here ,walk there…

you never know when it will start -sometimes you can dig out the expression, but more likely the words start to form into verses  many times at inopportune times such as just as one begins to fall asleep…

 many times I let it go knowing I will never catch that poem again.


It is interesting and I wonder where the words come from, many times it is as if you are watching a movie.


that is it for today -keep writing, painting etc.!




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Poem – ” Driving Cars “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “




You took too many chances

You ran too many red lights

Move over, off the seat-

We need someone in charge who is sweet


I’m driving this car now… 


( If this car goes into a ditch…it will be without a hitch.)



Note, From,

 Definition of go off without a hitch

go off without a hitch

 Slang terms with the same root words:

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