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Flash Story ( One Sentence) Of The Night And A Writers Challenge !

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Butterscotch Splits

His heart melted ran down his shirt over his boots every time he saw her but the cosmic karmic angels that guided them were tired of too many lost opportunities too many roads never taken so he kept his anger, all that he had left, in a basket that he laid outside the home that was once theirs.

The End




She opened the refrigerator and a small round drone sped out stopped 3 feet behind her and started buzzing.  She grabbed her flyswatter and whacked it down to her  kitchen floor.  She watched as it…..


You finish it and have a luscious night !


Below from http://www.gamepolitics,com

Defense Appropriations Bill Cuts Funding for NSA Domestic Spying

June 20, 2014 – GamePolitics Staff

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 293-123 to cut funding for NSA spying programs that are aimed at Americans. Late last night an amendment to a defense appropriations bill put forth by Reps. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), and Thomas Massie (R-KY) passed with wide support, though it still has to get the same approval in the U.S. Senate.




Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….SWAT!



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Humour The Great Equalizer

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Groucho Marx Quotes



Those are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have others.

Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.

He may look like an idiot and talk like an idiot, but don’t let that fool you. He really is an idiot.

(Personal fav)



Look, if you don’t like my parties, you can leave in a huff.  If that’s too soon, leave in a minute and a huff. If you can’t find that, you can leave in a taxi.


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Monday Night Flash Story Challenge

” A Pa;le Green Mermaid Blog “

Finish the story below it can be one sentence or 15 more, you decide!


It was a dark and stormy night…. Julinda opened the balcony window.
“Julinda Julinda,  a bouquet for you. “

She looked around but saw nothing.  Maybe she was hearing things.  She stepped out on to the edge of the rail looking for the eclipse promised at midnight.

” Julinda Julinda, here down here.

She stretched her head out looking below…..

Now read no further and write what happened next


My version

sure enough there was a hand with a bouquet of roses .

She said, ” I can’t see you please lean out from your balcony.

A brown-eyed man appeared wearing a tweed cap and holding a martini in his other hand.

” I’ve admired you from afar from afar.  Julinda here catch, ” and with that he threw the roses up.  They flew past her head then as they passed back down she reached out, but missed  catching a few petals in her hand.

” Sorry, ” she muttered.

” That’s alright, I will try again tomorrow.” With that he poured himself another martini from a pitcher he had and disappeared under her balcony.

“Hmmm ,”she said.  Then the corner of her eye caught the beginning of a blue moon eclipse.  She watched in wonder thinking the world can be a strange but – interesting place.


PEACE and Happy writing…..



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Fractals Mathmatics And Expanding Your Brain Power

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Fractals/ quantum theory suggests that parallel universes (universes that exist alongside the world you live in)  are everywhere and they can be created by a mere thought on your part which generates electrons which are the building blocks of the universe ie reality….your life.

A parallel universe where another you exists, living a parallel life enjoying themselves unbeknownst to you!  or known to you ???

Now you may say yes you may say no to these ideas but in stretching a brain via  physics all you need is a pathway to walk to get to the thinking process, your thinking process that opens up ideas and epiphanies for your perusal… the way to get to physics ( and metaphysics the flip side of physics in my opinion) is by contemplating/reading about art or science.   For physics (and metaphysics) are bridges to and from – art and science and while you are walking on those bridges – that is where insight and inspiration make themselves known.

And who wh,o who I say amongst us cannot use a little inspiration and insight in there lives?

Book of the day to get you started on the road to stretching your brain

Our Mathematical Universe, My Quest For The Ultimate Nature Of Reality

By Max Tegmark Via New York Times Book Review Feb. 16 2014



FractalWikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A fractal is a mathematical set that typically displays self-similar patterns, which means it is “the same from near as from far”.


Have A Peace Filled Night !


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More Monsters From The Deep Sea

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

The Spanish sea monster/dragon with horns found a few weeks ago was suspected of being a oarfish.  Now an 18 foot oarfish has been found off the coast of California.


That is a oarfish!


This is another oarfish found,

but this,


this (the spanish sea serpent ) is something quite different.  Too bad they did not freeze the remains – although they did bury them … so someone could exhume them, if they knew where they were buried.

Oh well, keep an eye out for more deep-sea creatures washing up on shores and sweet dreams!


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Hopscotch, Water Fountains and That Fast Food Burger

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Did you ever notice that fat-free food is taste-free food?  Fat is the demon they say, but is it really?  And that we are at fault, but are we?

Cows live appox. 16 months then we eat them .  They are given a hormone to fatten them up.  Guess what? We are eating that fattening hormone when we eat our burgers and perhaps we are fattening up the same way….. think about it…..

When I was but a tyke all buildings especially schools had a water fountain with ice-cold water at the entrance of a building and at the base of the stairwell or elevator.  One for adults and one for tykes…..Now, if there is anything, it is a soda machine – if a water fountain sat next to the soda machine I bet the soda machine would disappear from lack of use – think about it…..

I was walking on my am walk and what should my sleepy eyes see ? (6 am )  A hopscotch freshly drawn on the side-walk.  I jumped and hopped to the end!  That is a workout!  Kids today need more recesses so they can hopscotch and tether ball away their energy and be ready to sit and listen all the while becoming svelte and toned !

So maybe just maybe it isn’t our faul maybe t it is how our  current environment is shaped by corporations – think about it while you eat that burger…..

______________________________________ – How do you fatten your beef cattle by hormone

A small capsule containing hormones for that animal (there’s different ones according to what gender the animal is and what you are trying to achieve in the fattening process) is injected into the ear under the skin of the steer or heifer. Usually one capsule is injected per animal. The capsule along with its contents is absorbed into the animal’s system and helps increase rate of gain or average daily gain and help with feed efficiency of that animal. In other words, the hormones act to help the animal gain weight faster and convert feed more efficiently into muscle and fat. It would likely increase the animal’s appetite as well.

Typically these hormones only last for 100 days, which means that these animals are not injected with hormones every day. The process to finish a steer or heifer inconsequentially also lasts for around 100 days or more.


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Spanish Serpent Talk 2

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

So, here is a blow up of the end of the serpent tail.  It appears to have bony protrusions here as well –




Here, in another blow up of the middle of the animal it appears that there is a 2 pronged fin!




My conclusions are thusly, ( I was not satisfied with the sketch so you will have to do your own!) the animal is shaped like a plesiosaurus –



except only one set of fins not two as this fossil/skeleton shows.

Then add 2 horns on top of the head and, I believe, from the middle of the neck down along the back of the body to the end of the tail, there was a line of  bony protrusions.  not unlike a stegosaurus pictured below,




But the whole thing has a more dragon feel to it I think, such as  in this St. George and the Dragon painting –



and look! the bony protrusions along the back…..

In conclusion, I think we have a real old storybook dragon on our hands in Spain akin to what mariners of old told tales about after returning from months at sea.

Think about it…..





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