Forced Euthanasia In Bucks County PA – My Father, John J. Crawley Died By Force In His Own Home.


This series of events happened in June of 2016 – My father died on July 2, 2016 trapped in a hospital with a steel lock arm forcibly confining him.

There  is a practice called targeted euthanasia –


Warning – Are You Being Targeted For Euthanasia? | Catholic … › warning-targeted-euthanasia


By Mary Therese Helmueller, R.N.. In 1984, while working as charge nurse in the intensive care unit, a 20-year-old man asked me, “Can you give my mother …
My goal in writing this post is to warn other citizens and to end this practice of killing PA citizen’s against their will.
In brief-
My father was sitting at the kitchen table after he came home from the hospital for a minor surgical procedure.  He said he was ok but had some pain.  I went to get groceries for him.
When I returned someone had come into his home removed him from his seat at the kitchen table and physically forced him into a hospital bed they had brought with them and put in the living room of his home.
He wanted to get out of the bed.  I got him out of the bed.
My sisters Ayn Crawley and Ruth Crawley had been trying to discredit my father and wanted control of my parents assets.
I came back the next day and my father was back in the bed and drugged so he could no longer speak.  There was a bowl of about 30 needles next to the bed.
Prior to this turn of events My Father had stated a number of times  “They are trying to kill me.”
He was ignored.
One of the workers told me he was screaming when he urinated.
He was under the care of Right at home,  Compassionate Care hospice and my two sisters Ayn and Ruth Crawley.
I contacted Doylestown Adult Protective Services, the woman who answered refused to come and investigate. I called the police and the woman who answered refused to investigate.
Both refused to put down their coffee cups… and come with me to look into my father’s request for help.   He died the next day.
This type of treatment of older citizens must stop and the companies and workers who assist in this denial of constitutional and human rights be held accountable.
Spread the word and warn older citizens.
BJ Halliday Crawley
Citizen journalist

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