Thought Of The Day – Who Created The Sphinx?

Sphinx north side with Pyramid of Khafre - Copyright (c) 1998 - Andrew Bayuk, All Rights Reserved


\ ˈsfiŋ(k)s \

plural sphinxes or sphinges\ ˈsfin-​ˌjēz \

Definition of sphinx

1a capitalized : a winged female monster in Greek mythology having a woman’s head and a lion’s body and noted for killing anyone unable to answer its riddle
b : an enigmatic or mysterious person she is a sphinx whose features hold a blank fascination
2 : an ancient Egyptian image in the form of a recumbent lion having a man’s head, a ram’s head, or a hawk’s head

<!– END



Look for the sphinx in your life! Today!!!


Jean-Léon Gérôme‘s Bonaparte Before the Sphinx, 1867–1868

The Sphinx in profile in 2010












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