Pet Peeves

Dogs in strollers-

I saw one the other day, I said hello and he looked up at me with big wolf  (all dogs are descended from wolves)  eyes as he was clipped to a red pillow and seemed to say,HELP ME!

If I had a scissors I would have freed him to run and jump and play in the grass.

Now an occasional push in a stroller could be fun but…..


Dogs need to be outside in a yard exploring,  going to the bathroom, chasing the mailman from  behind the fence, following butterflies, just laying in the shade pondering life…

My dog had a house  (not just any house it had a air vent , a peak roof with shingles a carpet -indoor/outdoor, a removable floor to clean easily, insulation in the walls and a light bulb to provide heat in the winter )   lived in the back yard, we spent half our time in the backyard in the 50’s -70’s in lawn chairs at picnic tables just laying in the grass as well–

So my advice is do not get a dog unless you have a yard and a dog house and time to pet your pet… freedom is essential to humans and dogs!!!




Pale Green Mermaid







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