Country Is A little Remembrance Of What Music Use To Be

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog ”

Music use to build one upon the other, the footsteps of the past shadowed the steps taken in the pressent.

Country has resisted corporatization, I think because it is based on the so -called red necks which were in reality US citizens that wore a red ‘neckerchiek (oops my red neck beginnings are sneakin out) round their necks who resisted the big bosses and fought for unions and  justice.

They were labeled red- necks in an effort to discredit them by the powers that be at that time – in fact they were the remnants and still are of the original American revolution!!

A I listened to the litany of what a red neck is I realized I am ONE – my grandfather was a coal miner in Wilkesbarre my father repaired railroads got his law degree in Louisville Kentucky working at the derby to make ends meets – my other grandparents grew up on farms- all served their country when the call came even my marine mother!-

Semper Fi!!  Yes from Daniel Boone ( whom I am descened from- his brother Squire Boone) to today my family has lived of the land  – I guess Daniel Boone was a red neck too …

Freedom is the link between all us red necks we love it and will stand up for it.

So listen to some red neck country music today and you will be dancing by tonight!



Old Dominion  –You’ve got to love like there is no such thing as a broken heart says it all..

This is a rambling post but some one has to ramble on…




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