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Me Too…Only I Did A Hepburn and Davis…

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Yes, I too have a few stories to tell but- I took matters into my own hands and respectively told the guy to buzz off in no uncertain terms and in the other instance landed my arm between his shoulder blades – the only time I ever hit anyone, it happened in public at The Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

One guy in the crowd said “aw he was just joking.”

another guy said ” Good for you. he deserved it.”

The details are not important except for the fact that I was 19 and 26 respectively at the time –

The question to ask is what would have Bette Davis or Katheran Hepburn don– if asked to watch something —to get a job…

I am not talking about rape or physical assault -I am talking about being somewhere and having to deal with a jerk- What would Susan B. Anthony do?  

I am talking about the fact that men are not more powerful than women– we are equal that is what the feminists of the past, taught me.






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