Have A Peace Party FDR Style!!,

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“The Democratic Party is the party of the people. I’m a man of the people.”


There are the obvious reasons why contemporary historians would argue FDR as the greatest president in the history of the United States: he put the kibosh on the Great Depression with his New Deal program. His “arsenal of democracy” prevailed over Nazi Germany. He restructured the federal government to where it protected the little guy instead of Big Business. Yet Roosevelt had accomplished an even greater feat. He made the most sensible, heroic, and utterly compassionate executive decision ever by anyone who resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

He repealed Prohibition.

Five days after his (FDR) inauguration, the former New York governor had Congress convene in a special session to re-legalize beer. By now a good number of political outfits were pushing for Prohibition’s repeal exclusively for its boost to the economy and tax revenues. The academic community, “wet intellectuals” as they were popularly known, believed that hooch would benefit medical studies. (Dr. Samuel Harden Church, President of the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, praised liquor as “one of the greatest blessings that God has given to men out of the teeming bosom of Mother Earth.”)

Neither faction, though, took the working-class American to heart. It was Roosevelt who had his parched fellow man in his best interest. Repeal was the essential pillar to his 1932 presidential campaign, and when the 51-year old moved into The White House, he kept his word. With FDR leading the way, Congress amicably passed the 21st Amendment. On December 5, 1933, at 6:55 p.m., when Roosevelt’s signature ratified the Twenty-First Amendment, he said,

“I believe this would be a good time for a beer.”

And freedom reigned.

Above Via Warm Springs made for HBO film.

So during these times of political turmoil let us plan peace prties and toast FDR (and Teddy) for their hard work and belief in true democracy -We the people – So cast away the burdens of the day FDR style!!!!
Below is the recipe for the “FDR Special” found in the Val-Kill Cookbook:

2 parts gin
1 part dry, light vermouth
olive or lemon peel for garnish
crushed ice

FDR had a long-standing practice of hosting a pre-dinner cocktail hour in the White House residence during his presidency. It was a time when he could cast aside the burdens of office at the end of the day and relax with close friends and family

Above via below–

ocktails | In Roosevelt History
Silver Cocktail Set (MO 1972.14a-g) and Pernod Absinthe Bottle (MO 1976.331) FDR had a long-standing practice of hosting a pre-dinner cocktail hour in the White House .



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