When Protective Services Attacks Instead Of Protecting – A Primer

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”

With the current statistic of one in two care workers will abuse the elderly, It is essential that citizens be able to recognize the warning signals-

The list below applies to hospitals hospices at home care workers and gov. agencies such as protective services.

If the worker does any of the below ask them to leave immed. (at home care) or request a different worker if at a business-

1 They yell at you or the elder person.

2. They refuse to talk directly to elder person about their care and treatments.

3. They force treatments on the elder person. Such as forcing them ot wear diapers when they do not need to.

4. Force medications against the direct verbal statement from elder that they do not choose to take that medication. ( Over medication can lead to medical conditions that did not exist before. Especially important in hospices)

5. Refusing to allow the elder person to exit the care situation if they are not satisfied with the service -(if protective service) refusing to leave the elder’s home after being requested to do so by the owner of the house. ( many complaints are malicious and fradulent)

Overall, if the elderley person paying for the care is upset and unhappy with the care listen to them -NOT the worker.

Peace and good luck you will need it.


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