Imagine Walter Cronkite Reporting That Shawn Spicer Stood Near A Hedge For 2 Seconds

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It is a non issue- the press should be reporting profusely on the bombing of Yemen by Saudi Arabia and how every 10 minutes a child is dying from preventable causes and that the US is refueling the Saudi planes-giving them bombing coordinates and not working for a peace agreement-

over 500,000 children will die if the bombing does not stop and their main port re-opened  yet the frenzy of reporting is about a press secretary in the bushes.

A preventable halocaust is going on right now–where is the PRESS?


But maybe not… 11:11 a.m. – the Russian Embassy tweets a pic … We talk about all the Comey firing memes: Spicer hiding in the bushes and Anderson Cooper’s now-iconic eye roll… 7:44 p.m. – …

James Comey



So the suffering in Yemen is only going to intensify, and already a child under the …





If there was wall to wall coverage of Yemen the problem would be fixed but infotainment rules the press these days.


“I’m coming out of here angry with those men with power and guns, inside Yemen, in regional capitals and international capitals who are not able to fix this man-made …



which was already a problem because the Saudis were flying American-made planes and dropping American-made bombs. That the US is also directly fueling the planes just further undercuts the claims the US is trying to broker peace in Yemen.




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