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Why does the world listen to Twitter etc?  combined in a rough estimate only 1/4 of the world is on the networks–and on twitter  only 1/4 of US citizens are on–I don’t think these systems are a true reflection of how people feel in the world especially on big issues like who should be president.


400 million live in the US


World Population Clock: 7.5 Billion People (2017 …



1. Facebook: 1.59 billion (December, 2015)

Facebook surpassed 1.5 billion people as of their last quarter. If the social network was a country, it would now be the most populous in the world—even bigger than China. Even more stunning is its monthly mobile active users, which surpassed 1.4 billion users last quarter. If you didn’t think Facebook was the king of social media platforms before reading this article (in terms of users), think again.

2. Instagram: 400 million (September, 2015)

While Instagram has seen its growth and engagement rates decrease over the past 11 months, the network is still a


3. Twitter: 320 million (March, 2016)

Twitter is an international powerhouse, with 79 percent of its users living outside the US. It’s supported by 35 languages around the world, and the platform has also recently switched away from a live feed in favor of a more tailored experience. . Twitter is seemingly stuck at the 320 million user mark, and it would be an understatement to say that I’m curious to see how the social network evolves.

5. LinkedIn: 100 million (October, 2015)

With 400 million members, LinkedIn on the surface appears to be larger than other notable social media platforms, including Twitter. However with just 25 percent of those members logging into the website each month



Free yourself of the internet– it is no longer that open free zone anyway-it  is now full of search bubbles , ads and haystack surveillance.

The real world awaits you!  cleanse your spirit!! How you say?

Take a piece of paper and pen and walk until you have 3 haikus written then reward yourself with a Java!



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