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Loch Ness Monster Lives!

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I think it is too noisy for Nessie, I imagine that she has an underground cave that she and her compadres hang out in – the loch that she lives in is one of the deepest in the world and could connect to the ocean.

Before they roamed around the land surrounding the loch exploring watching the humans but now too many motorboats too many visitors searching…still,in the dark of a long summer night the steam from her  nostrils can sometimes be seen as she slips by an old boathouse, her black shining skin reflecting the moon light…



Peace and keep seraching for mysteries…


Loch Ness Monster
Hoaxed photo of the Loch Ness monster.jpg
The “surgeon’s photograph” of 1934,
The loch on a cloudy day, with ruins of a castle in the foreground

Loch Ness, reported home of the monster

Photograph taken by F. C. Adams in 1934

Photograph taken by Peter MacNab atUrquhart Castle on July 29, 1955


Model of a dinosaur in water

Reconstruction of Nessie as a plesiosaur outside the Museum of Nessie


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