Ice Cream From The 1950’s O’Boyle Truck

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

There was an ice cream truck that use to travel around the streets of Levittown, a food truck ! that sold only ice cream – it had a gong that the driver hit  and the kids came running!

Here is the list of treats

fudge scicles

ice cream sandwiches

screw ball ( sherbert swirl and at the bottom was a bubble gum ball!!

Orange cream scicles

and scooped ice cream of all flavors with toppings!

Ice cream and fun were big things back then –

Papers were delivered milk was delivered vacuum cleaners were delivered and encyclopedias were delivered  etc to your door –

Ahhh those were the days and I didn’t even know how good those days were!

Every issue of National Geographic Magazine had at least 2 wall sized maps in them and in the back there were coupons for free info on any place on the world – and so my wander-lust began…

looking back you can learn how to make the world a happier place today-

Keep it local…that is the key!



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