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I’ll never play large halls…..where the fans can’t see or hear me – paraphrase

Springsteen use to drive out of the back of the spectrum in his yellow camaro and stop to talk to any fans hanging around after the show round 3 am…The days when rock was real  – a friendship between fans of music and preformers of music….. my how the idealistic have fallen…..

Moolah Moolah—Think he goes to every seat and checks for sound quality ? HA! ( venue Springsteen will play today)






Spectrum Philly 1976

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See the size of the cars show you how small the spectrum was —

David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust persona taken on Dec. 1, 1972 while in town for two Tower Theater shows. Photo courtesy of

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We’re dialing this date in the wayback machine, location Spectrum!
Photo by J. Paul Simeone

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Hey Blondie! Happy birthday🎂😊
Backstage at the Spectrum, opening for Alice Cooper in June, 1978.

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The Philadelphia Spectrum Concert Appreciation Group
Bands and singers were not god’s gift from heaven they were just people who happened to be in a band…no big deal.
Go to your local clubs and see what is brewing in your town today!!! Music was fun no food no beer just fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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