Lets Play A Game

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Rumour has it that there will be a new match-game (Gene Rayburn best!)
with Alec Baldwin
Well the sucess of that show and all great game shows is the host!  He /she needs to be quirky well dressed funny and let people blather….. for it is the blathering that so entices us to watch.

My dream Match Game host would be George Clooney, he is a funny guy –

for Tattle Tales is where Alec Baldwin would shine with the couples The Pitts the Clintons and the Spike lees!!



Alec Baldwin to revive 'Match Game' this summer
How blank is this blankety blank news? …

Alec Baldwin




Match Game
Mglogo copy.jpg
Created by Frank Wayne
Directed by Jim Elson, Ira Skutch, Rodger Wolf, Mike Gargiulo (1962–69)
Marc Breslow (1973–91)[1]
Randall Neece (1998–99)
Presented by Gene Rayburn (1962–82)
Ross Shafer (1990–91)
Michael Burger (1998–99)
Alec Baldwin (2016–present)
Narrated by Johnny Olson (1962–82)



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