Veggie Treats Of The Night!

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

  1. Dark Brown Bread (buy in can) with pimento cream cheese on it. Small glass Veg-crest. (tomato juice)

2. A bed of iceberg lettuce with a scoop of full-fat cottage cheese topped with half a canned peach. Small glass pineapple juice.

Yummy  1950’s snacks.

Hot salty soft pretzels  gobbed with Heinz yellow mustard and a glass if black cherry soda, highly iced!

Non veg afterschool treat I had everyday when I was a tyke— white bread with baloney mustard and tiny gerkins. (tiny sweet pickles) large glass iced milk  that will satisfy your toddler after school.

Happy eating trails to you!!!

oldies but goodies!





Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and we’ve got some lovely lunchtime snacks that you can take to work … From energy bars to savoury muffins, a vegetable dip and fruit pots, there is something for everyone on a …

Birmingham Mail · 1/9/2016



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