From La Bamba To Burning Down The House What Happened to Rock ? How Did It Lose It’s Roll?

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Lets talk music, after watching the Richie Valens’ La bamba  music video with Los lobos, I think that is the best music video I have ever seen so much fun and a dash of the metaphysical  what every great Rock and Roll song has as its core, and then the Blues Brothers which is a long music video with the same elements of fun with a spiritual cast – I thought they both are record of a time nad place where music and fun (freedom ) reigned supreme where the point of the music was the music not money not entertainment the point is to dance and sing!

it is a clear pure life experience that unleashes the spirit from the body and you rise up to a place where we all meet in joy.

So what happened ? How did music become so corporatized ? Corporatization of some thing means that the corporation comes between the listener and the music there is no longer a direct interaction and it kills the heart of the experience.

Who or what killed the music? Well here is my theory … was the massive success of the Bruce Springsteen tour in 1984 – He went from a sorta spiritual kinda guy with great songs  to a person that wanted and sought out the cash to be made from music on a unprecented level.  When the corporate world saw that there was big moolah to be made it they  then formed a limited market where artists had to fit into that mold or support was not forth coming.


Then the Tunnel of Love tour in my estimation was the first reality TV  show ,another words you went to watch the personal drama unfold not the music.   Just like the so-called reality TV shows where you watch basically people argue and it is presented in a TV format.


But I digress…. So think about it watch The La Bamba video and the first Blues Brothers movie with the fabulous John Belushi and let me know what you think!!!

The dancing is so fantastic in both of them!!!

Watch the discussions on how and why each film (the La Bamba film has the labamba video as a bonus item)   was made, there is where you get a true understanding of what the music meant and still means to the atists and audiences.


A think about it lets ruminate post!!!!!


Los Lobos – La Bamba ( music video ) – [fcef8025d]

Music video for “La Bamba” by Los Lobos. Tags: 1987 80s Los Lobos Rock & Alternative. Biography; Top Tracks; Top Albums; Concerts; Track; Pick and Click one of the ……

Blues Brothers – Soul Man (Belushi SNL Clips) | Free Video

Live “Soul Man” video from SNL with Best of Belushi clips…


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