Latest Sea Monster Surfacing To Say Howdy!

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A Scottish tourist unwittingly captured an unidentifiable sea monster while vacationing inGreece. Harvey Robertson was on a boat cruise off the coast of Parga, sailing throughsea caves with his family. He was initially …

FOX News · 10/28/2015



My theory is this, there is not enough oxygen in the water because of micro-plastics (decaying plastic bags) filling the world’s sea so the deep sea animals are rising to the surface in search of air.

Hey it is the perfect time to buy that reusable carry all and pass on all plastic bags offered!! Save a sea monster today!!!


Research links!

In my Marine Science class this spring, I quickly learned that phytoplankton in the ocean make 50 percent of theoxygenMicroplastics come from sources such as microfleeces, microbeads in washes and bits of plastic from soda bottles and sea plastic …

Bangor Daily News · 11/26/2014
The sediment below then becomes a low oxygen zone, in which only few organisms … “Pieces of plastic on the deep seafloor are unlikely to degrade into micro-plastics as quickly as is the case on the North Sea coast, for example. This is due to the lack …

Science Daily · 10/23/2012

All the sea monsters want me to thank you in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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