I Saw The Strangest Thing…..

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog”

Whilst on one of my daily jaunts  I came upon a scene – there was a person walking a mini-dog, you know one of those non-dogs, 5 inches high and a foot long, anyway he was walking it in a fenced yard WITH a harness on….what’s the point I thought.   Let it run for god’s sake!!

It reminded me of the 50 foot long rope I walked my dog pickle with along the ditch.  He would run  ahead of me until the full length of the rope was stretched and we would walk as usual with him pulling me along ( he was a beagle extraordinaire!)

But that freedom I gave him space wise made for a rambunctious happy dog, why he never stopped wagging his tail even when he was sitting down it wagged and wagged.


via Charles M. Schultz!


So be kind and give some space to your pooch !!


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