The Problem With Honey Bees Is This…..

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They pollinate 1/3 to 1/2 of all of the most nutritious crops we (the world) currently eat.  If we lose those crops there most likely be world-wide famine.

In my garden the flowering  trees and bushes that are normally filled with bees as they flower have nothing, not one honey bee …..that has never happened in 25 years.

It is a silent summer. ( see Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring)

In her book it was the chemicals that were killing insects and birds, my premise ( and I can prove it with the videos/ photos that I have accumulate over the last 4 years)

is that it is  surveillance drones flying over the USA that are diminishing the insect and wildlife populations through the spritizing of the atmosphere with the fuel exhaust they emit, while flying overhead 24 hours a day for the last 4 years.

They  also emit water vapors according to the Pentagon.  The winds they create from their movement through the atmosphere at high rates of speed and erratically make it nearly impossible for a bee or butterfly to fly.

Imagine that you make your bed (nest cocoon) and each night it is spritzed with a fine mist (exhaust) of fuel chemicals mixed with water, that is what the insect population in Bucks County PA USA has been putting up with for the last 4 years.

It is no wonder that their numbers are reducing drastically.

The good news is this is a man-made problem and can be ended tomorrow if congress decides to take action and ban drones from the skies except for short-term emergency use.

These are some of the drones being used-


EPA Garden newD 026

June162013525PM 022

These are the trails of water vapors and fuel exhaust that  spritz  the insects and humans below

This is a foto of a drone circling back into its own trail of fuel exhaust

Aug22013 004 (2)

This is a trail of drones exhaust

may6drones 024


All we have is one planet we need to stop doing things that are detrimental to its survival.


In the video I watched last night there is an expert that discusses this disappearance of pollinators he mentions that there is a reason that they do not know – as to why the honeybees (pollinators) are diminishing.

I believe it is directly related to the widespread use of drones in the last 13 years of war and excessive surveillance.


Nostradamus 2012 (History Channel)

Nostradamus: 2012 (2009)

(be patient they have a lot of repetitive scenes in this video but they interview several interesting experts.)


The Life and Legacy of Rachel Carson

Life of Rachel Carson, founder of contemporary environmental movement, author of Silent Spring, advocate of nature and environmental ethics, against the misuse of …



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