Green Tip of The day


Plastic is nastic to the planet why a island the size of Texas sits in the oceans made of PLASTIC!


So to lessen the need take one bottle with cap of your fav drink pref. glass and put 1/2 of a lime in it (cut into 4ths and squeeze then drop rind in also(to be authentic) then place 2 teaspoons or more in the bottle, let set 1 minute ( to macerate) fill with water and rumba around the kitchen till dissolved -take as long as you like!!!

put the cap on and into the frig it goes.  repeat as needed – and you will be doing your part to lessen the Isle of plastic!!! and getting healthier did you know some drinks have 18 teaspoons of sugar in them, and the Vit c direct from the lime absorbs so divine-ly into your system – Your skin will glow!!!

Try it! Vit C direct from fruit is the best skin beautifier, so say I.

Then if you really want to carry the recyclable theory to its natural end , you can take the rind out of the finished drink and put in your garden or compost pile!

Wonderful !and have a wonderful green day!!




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