Painting, Portraits And Ethics

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Painting is an art, but art is also a business, and if you are hired to do a portrait of someone then it is up to you, as an artist for hire, to do your best- to provide the service you were paid for.

Now if you are painting for your own expression then all bets are off your work is your own, sometimes even you don’t know where your work will take you.

I think it was ridiculous to put in the painting an aside/reference to an event in that sitter’s life that they themselves would dislike, and then when no one noticed it, to bring up the hidden reference yourself! It  is a definite no no in the artist’s book of ethics!!

If I were Clinton I would put the picture in a shredder and hire someone else to redo the portrait  !!!!!!

Perhaps something in the rose garden with buddy !


Painter Nelson Shanks, the artist who created the 2005 portrait of former President Bill Clinton hanging in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., says he included a reference to the Monica Lewinsky scandal in …USA Today · 3/4/2015


Shredding is allowed look under the chapter miscellaneous, then the section- tom foolery…..



In-depth coverage >



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