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4th july 046




A writer sits by the river with a sliver of an idea and writes about the mighty and the honest about the evils of the time and the kind people who came before, that fought the war for truth peace justice and the american way.  Their almost gone now but the lesson of their fierce love of freedom rings across this land….. remember why they fought ww2 ….for freedom from tyrants (from within and without) the same reason Washington and his barefooted soldiers walked in the snow to Trenton N.J. —for peace, to have the ability to pursue happiness.

A writer, sits by the river, with the sliver, of an idea.


Photo by BJHC August 2014

This post Is dedicated to two ww2 veterans still alive and still fighting the good fight…..

John and Jean Crawley


Full Definition of TYRANT 1 a : an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution b : a usurper of sovereignty 2 a : a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally b : one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power See tyrant defined for English …



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