A Perfect Summer Jaunt

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


So I jumped in my car and headed out to the local country side in search of a cup of java and fresh air! Every light was green as I zipped through 15 of them arriving in the cover of night to one of my fav coffee shops – inside most everyone else was already tucked in their houses so the crowd was thin .  I requested a mocha with double chcolate and double whipped cream! My java guy came through pointing out that he had to use “a cup larger than normal” to hold all the cream and choc-drippings – ooo la la – I sipped and took afew fotos of the town clock glowing in the dark whilst sitting on a bench outside – Got up and  turned to head back to my car when the clock chimed a sequential melodic farewell – I hoped into my blue speedster and swooshed quietly over country roads as one can only do on a clear August night.  Heading over train tracks as I hit the first track the red lights started to flash…..  I saw the head light of a train coming around the corner just as my tailights bounced over the last wooden track…..

A perfect summer jaunt…..step outside —have a small adventure!




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